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    West LA Date Night

    Saturday afternoon was spent at Joy’s family’s house to celebrate Chinese New Years, and afterwards we went home to do some cooking and cleaning because we were told not to do any cleaning on Sunday. Something about sweeping your fortune away or something like that.

    Saturday night we were getting really lazy, but we forced our butts out of the house and went out to Next Door by Josie, which happens to be next door to Josie. We were looking for something light to eat, and we’ve been to the parent restaurant Josie a few years ago for my birthday and thought we should give it a shot.

    beer-bacon-popcorn deviled-eggs meat-cheese

    We focused on half glasses of European wines and little bites and was very happy about everything we ordered. The Beer and Bacon popcorn were sweet and crunchy, the deviled eggs were savory, and the meat and cheese plate were a fun plate of different tastes on the palette.

    Full Yelp Review

    titos-tacoAfterwards we wanted to enjoy the westside a little longer and got some what i coined that night, Fancy Jack in the Box tacos at Tito’s Tacos. Its a icon of fried tacos that can get stupid busy during the day, and in reality they’re not super good, but its basically a place to go when you need some greasy food.



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    In the Killing Zone

    No it wasn’t because of Hunger Games, and no it wasn’t because of Brave, … no it was actually because of some of the zombie books that i’ve read that really got me interested in taking archery lessons. Guns are the obvious choice, but bullets run out, and its not like you can make anymore yourself, and there is a possibility of being able to reuse arrows as long as you’re not facing a crowd of zombies.

    Years ago when i went to Utah with a friend i shot a couple hand guns and thought how horrible guns were. They were so loud, mechanical, and just not very fun to shoot. I found that archery was the exact opposite on all accounts. The sound of the of the arrow hitting the target gives off a satisfying thump, the skill of holding, pulling and releasing an arrow translates to multiple muscles to coordinate with each other to work together.

    The class that i took was pretty interesting considering the facts that its run entirely by volunteers and is a first come first serve registration. There are only 24 spots every saturday morning for an 11am class. The first hour is being taught verbally what the bow is and how to setup and and use it, and the dangers of the arrows. The second hour is getting a 5 minute one-on-one instructions shooting the bow with an instructor. Then lastly you learn the range’s proper technique on how to retrieve your arrows in a group setting. It ends up being a 3 hour process and compared to what they charge for a personal lesson ($40/person) its worth it. All the equipment is free to borrow, and once you take the training class once you can come back any time and use the facilities for free. Just remember to throw a couple bucks in the donation bowl to show your support.

    Ben took the class earlier this summer and he found out for 11am class that you have to show up before 7am to grab a form or else you’ll be SOL if you show up any later. So I got there at 6:45 and was already the 8th in line. By 7:15 there were probably 30 people there and some were really annoyed that there was a possibility that they wouldn’t get into the class. The first instructor showed up around 7:45 and passed out the forms and told everyone else the bad news to come earlier if they want to get into next week’s course.

    With three hours to kill before the class Ben and I went to breakfast at Food. Its a cute store that serves breakfast and lunch. Ben raved about their pancakes but i wanted something savory so i opted for their breakfast sandwich which was crispy, gooey, and salty.