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    Yelp Tropical Sunsets

    Monday evening Joy and I went to another Yelp Elite event, but this time down at the Redondo Beach Cheesecake Factory. It was nice to have an event where we didn’t need to take a freeway to, and of course with lots of food and drinks.

    Yelp was promoting the Cheesecake Factory’s reception hosting abilities which were actually pretty good, but i’m not sure how much it would cost. There’s a second floor with a great view of the harbor, and the food wasn’t that bad. They really know how to fry their food which is always a plus when alcohol is being served.

    I tested out my peanut allergy again on my own terms this time since my mom was pressuring me during Kaylee’s birthday party. I got a stick of chicken satay and went for it at the beginning of my meal, and yup still i’m allergic. Once i got it out of my system i enjoyed the rest of my meal and drinks without a problem.

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  • Outdoors

    Redondo Beach Super Bowl Run

    The Redondo Beach 10K was the first 10K that i’ve ran since the Santa Monica 10K in 2010 and it was a rough one. This race was particularly fun because Joy and I were able to meet up with Eric from LVI at the beginning of the race, and bumped into Tony in the middle of the run.

    I had one month to train for the race, and i was on a really good training schedule up until last weekend when i pulled my hamstring, quad, and calf on on my right leg. So this past week i hadn’t been able to run. Things were going smoothly for the first 3 miles, but as we hit the ocean at mile 4 both knees started acting up, and by mile 5 i had a slight limp to my run. Yet somehow i managed not to stop running and powered up the last hill and through the finish line to still beat my previous mark of 1:03:40.

    There were no medals given out for this event but we were given two free beers for finishing and afterwards went out to Casa Arigato for breakfast afterwards.

    Here are your results for the Redondo Beach Super Bowl Sunday 10k/5k Run/Walk:

    Your final time is 01:03:24 at a 00:10:13 pace.
    You finished 1876 out of 3191 in the 10K RUN.
    You finished 175 out of 228 in your class M30-34.