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    2013 Lakers Retrospective

    This year’s Lakers team could be summed up in one word. Dream. After being knocked out of the playoffs in 2012 by the Thunder, the Lakers revamped their roster signing free agent Steve Nash, Antawn Jamison, and trading for Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum. Lakers fanatics were calling this the new Dream Team. Too bad the only dreams were the imaginative ones that the players had with their game. Kobe dreamed that he was a 20 year old again. Nash dreamed that Kobe would actually let him run the offense. Artest dreamed he could hit a 3 pointer. Pau dreamed about being able to play close to the basket again. Dwight dreamed that…

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    Out of the fire into the playoffs

    Joy’s been really lucky these past couple weeks getting Lakers tickets from her work. They’re really good seats in the VIP level right below the luxury boxes and she got some for the last Lakers game of the season against the Rockets. We had a couple extra tickets and invited Jih and Liz to the game. It was going to be a tense game because going into the game the Jazz lost guaranteeing the Lakers into the playoffs, but winning the game meant they would avoid the Thunder as a8 and play the Spurs as a 7. The game was really good, and Pau looked great playing with Dwight Howard. It was…

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    2012-2013 NBA Predictions

    NBA East Division Predictions: Heat Celtics Bulls Pacers Hawks Knicks 76ers Nets NBA West Division Predictions: Thunder Nuggets Lakers Spurs Clippers Grizzlies Jazz Warriors Finals Matchup Lakers vs. Heat Champions Heat MVP LeBron James Defensive Player of the Year Dwight Howard 6th Man Jamal Crawford Rookie of the Year Anthony Davis Coach of the Year Larry Drew (Atlanta Hawks)