• Los Angeles Local

    The New Grand Central Market

    Sunday morning Alice was up early, so i was hanging out with her on the couch checking Facebook of course, and noticed one of my twitter friends was also awake at that time. He’s a big eater of course so i asked him what his plans were and he said that he was headed to the Grand Central Market in DTLA after church. I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of new eateries on my instagram account so i thought it would be a good reason to get out of the house early in the morning and meet up with him.

    We got there around 8:30am and on Sundays there’s free street parking and being so early not many people around yet. I saw my friend Remil snapping away for his 1800+ followers on Instagram and said hello. We started off with some coffee at G&B Coffee for some early morning caffeine. Its quite expensive for your everyday cup of joe, but if you treat it like vacation it doesn’t hurt as bad. We’re talking about 3.5 for a cup of coffee.


    Next Remil gave us walking tour which his friends affectionally calls #pinoypandatours of all the old and new restaurants inside the building. He told us that with the revamp of the building, that they were trying to force out some of the older tenants to bring in hipper stores, and bring in a younger crowd. I can see a move towards being a Ferry Building South, but sad to see some of the old charm exiting as well. We were also disappointed that Valerie isn’t open on Sundays, but since it was the morning we were really in the need of some bacon and eggs.


    Our main course was going to served by Eggslut a food truck turned quick order breakfast counter. They’re only open from 8am-noon so get there early or else you’ll miss out. I ordered the “Slut” which was a poached egg on top of some whipped potato garnished with salt and chives served with toast. Joy opted for a more classic Bacon, Egg, and Cheddar sandwich on a brioche bun, with ketchup! Didn’t think anyone else ate their sandwich with ketchup. I guess the truck serves their sandwich in a biscuit which i probably would of rather had.

    eggslut-the-sluteggslut-bacon-egg-cheddarOnce we finished eating we walked around for a little bit, picking up a bag of cherries for a dollar, and checked out the new cheese stand which was opening later in the day, but couldn’t spend much more time out since Alice was going to need to eat soon. It was a fun morning out of the house, and i’m glad we can still do things like this with our kid in tow.

  • Los Angeles Local

    Los Dodgers

    I always see people at Dodger games and always think that i should go to one again since the last time i went was back at my first trip to New York in 2004 where i saw them play the Mets at Shea Stadium. Friday night Janelle bought tickets to go to the Dodgers game and watch the fireworks afterwards.

    The thing is about baseball is that you’ll only really enjoy it if you actually like watching baseball. Its definitely not an event for the novice because the game will run for 3+ hours, with a lot of delay between any type of real action. I thought it would be best to arrive later in the game because i couldn’t see Noah and Naomie being able to sit still during an entire game.


    We started the evening by grabbing dinner at the Spice Table. We were happily enjoying our food until we checked out what inning they were in and it was already the 5th inning and they were down 15-0. He had to hurry up and pay to get to the Chavez Ravine before the gates close after the 7th inning. One thing good about arriving late is that we could basically park anywhere we wanted, but too bad we had no idea where to park in general.


    Once we arrived we had to run up and down the various stairs to figure out which will-call window was still open and finally found our seats as the 7th inning ended. The weather was really warm still so we were just sweating in our little seats and i enjoyed the two innings that we got to watch. While we wanted to watch the fireworks the hard little seats were killing Joy’s back so we took off early and watched the fireworks as we left the stadium.

  • Fastfood Diary

    Memorial Weekend Eats

    Joy and I are working on getting our kitchen redone, so we’ve cleared out all the cabinets and are in the process of clearing out the fridge so we’re not really setup to do any cooking. We did manage to paint our living room, but other than that we didn’t have any plans, so i’ll just talk about all the places we went to eat at instead.




    For dinner we did a mini tour of east downtown LA, starting off with the Pie Hole. We shared a very tasty Chicken & Cornbread potpie, and a lemon meringue tart. Both were really good, and really made me want to learn how to make a proper pie crust.



    As we were eating it joy looked acros the street and said we should get a sausage afterwards at Wurstkuche. I’ve tried my share of their exotic sausages and know that i just like the regular ones best so we shared a kielbasa with spicy peppers and sauerkraut, along with an order of fries and buttermilk rance.


    mitsuru-red-bean-cakeFor second dessert we walked down the street to Little Toyko and Mitsuru Cafe. There was a long line but we didn’t have anything better to do so we waited and got ourselves two fresh hot Red Bean cakes. We thought about going to Flying Pig, or the Spice Table for more food, but thought best not to being full already.



    For lunch Joy and  i picked up my mom and went to South Coast Plaza to eat at Lawry’s Carvery for some prime rib sandwiches and to do a little shopping. I also got their French onion soup which was very good.

    moms-thai-peanut-sauceIn the afternoon i asked my mom to show Joy how to make Thai Peanut Sauce so that we could make it for our friends eventually. I held strong for the most part but at some point the smell of the peanuts got to be overwhelming and i thought my breathe starting to tighten up so i had to go to the backyard to air out for a bit. Stupid Peanuts.

    boiling-crab-picnicFor dinner we headed to Pasadena for a boiling crab picnic at Jen & Jeremy’s house. They’ve both never had it before so it was a fun experience to spread out the paper and go at the pound of shrimp, a pound of mussels, and fried catfish.


    monora-thai-chinese-broccoli-pork class-302-mango-shaved-snow

    Joy had to work in the morning so for lunch we went to Monora Thai for some Boat Noodle Soup, and Chinese Broccoli & Fried Pork. The main reason we went here was that a new Class 302 opened up next door and we really wanted some shaved snow. Its like a cross between shaved ice and frozen yogurt, topped with a bunch of mango, huge pieces of mochi, and condensed milk (really don’t need that).

    lucilles-ribsWe could smell everyone BBQ in the neighborhood when we were home, but didn’t want to fuss about cooking at this point so we did the next best thing and we to Lucille’s BBQ at the Del Amo mall. I guess we weren’t the only ones too lazy to cook because there a bunch of people waiting for their togo orders as well as waiting for a table. We got the full rack of baby back ribs, and tri-tip sandwich just so we could save some for dinner the next day.