Manna = Fun

The Koreans know how to do it right. All you can eat meat buffet +1. Danger of cooking your own food -1. Having soju brought to the table +1. Being able to smoke at the table +1. Providing free lighters with taxi cab numbers on them +1. Not being able to communicate with waitresses -1. Having someone throw up from eating and drinking too much +1 for us, negative eleventy billion for them. Good times.


Bloggers Block


I am having this overwhelming sense of lull in the world this week. On Tuesday i had this wierd idea in my head that i don’t really understand. In the very same sequence i said to myself, man its only Tuesday, and then i said man its already Tuesday. I am actually not looking forward to this weekend, because it basically sums up this state of vanilla. Its Labor Day weekend, I don’t have any plans, I never even thought of making plans, and from the friends that i’ve talked to, no one else has any plans either. No one really cares, everyone is tired of it all, and I can’t shake this uneasiness out of my head. Don’t get me wrong, i still want and like to go out, but there has to more than these quick doses of fun.

I guess it also stems from being, and living in LA. Its like entirely different world out here, with the freeways being a form of river that divides cities rather than providing passage ways to them. I’m even too lazy/fustrated to drive down south to visit friends and family, and vice versa. This coming from a person who used to drive up from Costa Mesa to West LA twice on the weekends.


Different Spokes for Different Folks

My legs are tired.  After a weekend of biking, a night of basketball, and another afternoon of biking, my legs are ready to give up on me.  I can’t tell if i’m actually building strength, or just wearing down my body.  Going up stairs is just too painful to even think about.  Hopefully this weekend i’ll be able to do some kayaking out in marina del rey to get some upperbody workout instead.


Just to be safe


United Independent Taxi : (800) 411-0303

Yellow Cab : (800) 200-1085

If you figure that getting a  DUI costs roughly $5000 for fines/fees/bail, and at about $1.80/mile for a taxi, you can drive roughly 2777 miles before you could start getting mad about how much a taxi will cost.  So be safe out there, and remember “All Passengers Ride for Price of One.”