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    Coastal California Day 3

    Monterey Aquarium Friday morning we packed up the car and headed to the Monterey Aquarium. It was an exciting day for everyone where we got to see the Penguins being fed in real life vs. watching it on their webcam. The coolest exhibit was the cuttlefish tank which i don’t think i’ve ever seen in real life. They’re super cute for being such funny looking creatures. He had lunch next door at Johnny Rockets for some burgers and fries. It was a good afternoon looking at all the fish but everyone was wiped out by midafternoon. We all took naps, and just spent time hanging out with each other while…

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    Coastal California Day 2

    Just a month later i finally carved out a few minutes to finish recapping our trip out to the Monterey Bay. Central California Thursday morning we woke up early and continued our drive up to Monterey, making a quick pitstop at Hearst Castle Visitor Center, Elephant Seal Vista Point, and Paso Robles for snack break. Monterey Bay We finally arrived in Monterey around 2pm meeting up with Nina who drove down from SF at our Airbnb house rental. I really wanted a place big enough beds for six adults and two kids. It was so good to finally get in, move all the luggage inside and just be able to sit…

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    Coastal California Day 1

    Time just flies when you’re dealing with the little one. I can’t even pull out my laptop to write anymore when she’s around because she instantly wants to crawl over and bang on the keys. So i’m just going to sum up my weekend trip up to Monterey. We’ve been to San Francisco a few times now with Alice and thought we should try something else, and figured Monterey would be a good location to meet up with Nina and Kaylee. I got a pretty good house rental on airbnb.com for two nights that basically fit us, my parents, and nina’s family and granted us access to a full kitchen…

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    The OC Fair

    I am not a fan of the Fair. I am still not a fan of the Fair, but since Joy said she’s never been to one, i figured we could go if we can get in for cheap, which we did since admission is only $3 before 11am on Saturday and Sunday. If Las Vegas ever wanted to puke out a food court this is what i imagined it to look like. Lots of obnoxious signage with everything deep fried and wrapped with bacon. We started off with some deep fried oreos which were already prepared which made them not as fresh as i would’ve liked them. We opted for a…

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    Expensive Dim Sum

    We were a bit in the mood for Dim Sum the other day, and i wanted to try somewhere new and tried out one from a new list of Dim Sum joints in the SVG. We normally go to Elite, but this time we tried out King Hua which was another high end joint that serves by ordering vs. carts. We went a little overboard when ordering because we were 1. Hungry, and 2. I wanted to try multiple things that were mentioned on top of our normal order of food. These were some of the more different dishes that we ordered. Dumpling Soup Egg Tarts Coconut Rolls Milk Buns

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    Toy Collection

    I’m still getting some residuals off of my www.istockphoto.com account which still nets me a few hundred dollars a year. I normally just throw that back into my normal banking account, but for some reason i got the itch to do a little shopping with it. So i hopped onto ebay and just started searching for random things of interests.   Thats when i started searching for old toys that i once owned, or wish i owned, that would be less than $10 including shipping, and thats where i fell upon some Generation 1 Transformers Mini Cars. These were the small transformers that came with no accessories and really barely…

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    San Diego Minitrip

    Leading up to the 4th of July i really didn’t have any plans since i’ve just been busy with work. With my parents heading out of town, and no friends really doing anything i checked into our SPG account to see if we could go anywhere and was able to get a free room using our points at the US Grant in San Diego. They place is a fancier hotel than the Westin, and the best thing about it was all the water they gave us. The hotel, room, and staff were of course excellent, but the free water in the room and every time we got our car from…

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    4th of July Kalua Pork

    With the 4th coming around i volunteered myself to make some faux kalua pork for a get together with Joy’s friends. Since i don’t have an imu i had to go with the crockpot method. The recipe from Pinapple & Coconut seemed pretty simple with just a couple ingredients (none that i had) and thankfully my dad has a banana tree in the backyard. I cooked the sucker over night and it turned out pretty good. I went with tacos since it needs less utensils, and of course needed some roasted salsa and mango pico de gallo. Put all together it was delicious. The past week i’ve been making batches…

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    Celebratory Dinner

    During Joy’s maternity leave we discussed her changing jobs. Her current job has worked out so well for us with Alice’s drop off schedule and relative ease of her current position it was more of just a thought than reality. That was until about two weeks ago when a directors position at another hospital opened up where someone else she knew worked at. She got recommend, went for an interview and a week later was offered a position there. So now she’ll be heading up the social services department of a hospital in Culver City. We’re both pretty excited and nervous about the change since now we’ll have to do…

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    Night on the Town

    Saturday marked the first day of summer, and it just so happened to be Joy and my first real date night since Alice came into our lives. My mother was kind enough to spend the night at our house to watch over little Alice while we got to head out sans diaper bag. A month ago Jonathan Gold released his 101 Best Restaurants of LA and had Providence as its #1 restaurant. A few weeks later Providence announced the reopening  and a special nine year anniversary four course dinner special for the month of June so i jumped online and made RSVP for the 21st. We got up to LA with a…