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    Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the California Science Center to visit the Kelp Forest. Since we were out in LA we figured we should just eat in the city and while browsing Open Table i didn’t see anything interesting and on a whim decided to check out Majordomo if there was ANY reservation and to my surprise there was one at 5:45 for a party of 4. I was shocked since i’ve been trying to get rsvp for months now without even a sniff. So we decided to have a super early Father’s Day dinner. Majordomo is David Chang’s first Los Angeles restaurant that i’ve been eagerly anticipating since his announcement on the House of Carbs podcast back in July 2017. The restaurant is located just north of Chinatown in a very raw industrial area at the moment. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading a not so great review from Jonathan Gold, but i kept my mind open and enjoyed the offerings that we got.

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    Adult Dinner Night – Love & Salt

    Saturday evening we left the kids at the Grandparent’s house and had an adult only dinner. We still feel guilty when ever Alice isn’t around, but it is sure nice to be able to eat and talk and drink a little without having to advert our attention away from each other.

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    Ben’s 36th at Odys + Penelope

    Sunday night we called up Grandma, and went out for an Adult Dinner for Ben’s 36th birthday. It felt weird not having to be pushing a stroller, and be able to take a casual stroll down the street, and popup into random shops without worry about chasing after the destroyer. 

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    Napa Rose

    For Joy’s birthday this year i booked a special dinner at the Napa Rose at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. This was our first dinner ever at this restaurant and why not go all out and eat at the Chef’s Counter. I booked them a little late so we had to sit at the Dessert Counter side but found it just as enjoyable.

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    The OC Fair

    I am not a fan of the Fair.


    I am still not a fan of the Fair, but since Joy said she’s never been to one, i figured we could go if we can get in for cheap, which we did since admission is only $3 before 11am on Saturday and Sunday.


    If Las Vegas ever wanted to puke out a food court this is what i imagined it to look like. Lots of obnoxious signage with everything deep fried and wrapped with bacon.



    We started off with some deep fried oreos which were already prepared which made them not as fresh as i would’ve liked them.the-oc-fair-5

    We opted for a healthier option for lunch with some shimp with rice and pineapple which was ok, but the rice was soggy, or coated with coconut milk? I couldn’t really tell.


    The only thing that i actually went searching for was a Texas Donut (big donut) coated with frosting and Cherry Poprocks. It was surprisingly good with the added crunchy texture.


    The real treat was after the fair we went to Ritter’s Steam Kettle Cooking for some Pan Roast Seafood, oysters, and cajun fries. Now thats something worth spending money on. I think the flavors are on par with the Oyster Bar in Las Vegas, but lacks that je ne sais quoi of eating in the middle of a casino half drunk.

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    Night on the Town

    Saturday marked the first day of summer, and it just so happened to be Joy and my first real date night since Alice came into our lives. My mother was kind enough to spend the night at our house to watch over little Alice while we got to head out sans diaper bag.

    A month ago Jonathan Gold released his 101 Best Restaurants of LA and had Providence as its #1 restaurant. A few weeks later Providence announced the reopening  and a special nine year anniversary four course dinner special for the month of June so i jumped online and made RSVP for the 21st.


    We got up to LA with a little time to kill so we started off by getting a drink at Mozza Pizzeria, but unbeknownst to me, they serve wine in little carafes at a glass and a half, which we had to finish in a half hour. We were pretty toasty to say the least.


    Having a 5:30 RSVP made us have restaurant almost to ourselves, but filled up once we finished. We looked over the menu and besides the 4 course menu, we could’ve gone with the other menus that ranged from 8-12 dishes with the longest being around 3 hour ordeal. We decided to keep to the 4 course, and add in an Uni Egg, and i ordered the supplemental a5 Wagyu Beef. It was my delayed father’s day dinner so why not splurge a little.


    Along with the four courses it started off with a bunch of amuse bouches from a Dark and Stormy jello shot, to a really good smoked halibut soup. The Uni Egg was delicious and this coming from two people that don’t typically eat it.  The wagyu beef was super buttery and i’m glad i tried it, but it really made me miss having some actual beef beef. The dinner took about 2 hours to finish, and was a great experience.

    After dinner we took a walk around Hollywood and Highland

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    Fourty for Nelfro

    Tuesday night i kissed Alice good night and headed out to celebrate Nelson’s 40th birthday. We all met up at BO-beau in Downtown Long Beach. I don’t even remember the last time i was out on a Tuesday night, but it was fun to get together to have some drinks and celebrate such a big event.


    I had dinner at home already so i didn’t try any of the French fare, but enjoyed a couple nice glasses of Hangar One Vodka Tonics. We enjoyed some cupcakes and some complimentary champagne which i thought was the end of the night, but we finished up the night on the rooftop bar.


    There was a ping pong table where we played some multi-ball doubles. Alcohol, dim lighting, and multiple balls really make for a lack of coordination.


    By 11pm it was time for the parents of the group to wrap it up and head home.

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    Triple Time

    Sunday morning we drove out to Old Towne Orange to meet up with Jen, Andy, and Leilani for brunch at Bruxie, the modern day waffle house.


    Last month Andy called me and told me they were expecting again, but what was really surprising was that it was going to be triplets. Its a rare natural triplets with twin boys and a girl, and just like that they’re going from one kid to four.

    Bruxie has been on Joy and my eating list for a while and just never found a reason to go since they’re only in Orange County. Joy and I shared a sausage, egg, and cheddar sandwich, and an order of chicken and waffles. Pretty tasty stuff.

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    Pre-Mother’s Day Brunch @ PCH Grill

    To avoid dealing with Mother’s Day Brunch madness i booked a brunch at the PCH Grill at Paradise Pier at Disneyland. I invited Jonathan’s family along as well since they weren’t doing anything yet either. I’m a sucker for breakfast buffets and this was our first Character Dining experience which i thought it would be entertaining for the kids as well.brunch-0

    Thankfully you can make Disney Dining RSVP online now instead of having to call in, which was necessary for a party of 11. There was even a long line just to check in. Some people looked very stressed of missing their RSVP time but the cast members seem to handle anything thrown at them (like adding two more to your party at check-in).


    The craziness begins when you your table is ready and a host will walk you in where you’re greeted by Mickey Mouse himself. That way you can get a few pictures in before sitting down to start your meal.


    As for the food i enjoyed my fair share of fresh Mickey waffles along with all the bacon and sausage i wanted. Considering that these Mickey waffles are around $6-7 a la cart in the park, i killed it by eating at least 8 of them. Along with a waffles there were pancakes, french toast, an omelet bar, bagels and lox, chilaquiles, cereal, and fruit.



    All throughout your dining time various characters will stop by each table to say hello and snap some more pictures. We saw Minnie Mouse, Daisy, Pluto, and even Stitch!


    Adults are $35, Kids are $15. The restaurant is located at the Paradise Pier Hotel which is the furthest from the park, but you can get validated for 5 hours at the parking lot located at the hotel. The decor matches the age of the hotel, but if your head is always scanning for characters and your kid you’ll barely notice the low ceilings or decor on the wall. You’ll need to make sure that you have lots of time planned for a meal because the process takes a long time between getting seated, getting your food, seeing and interacting with characters and then going back for more food.

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    Connie and Ted’s & Ben

    Saturday night we went out to celebrate Ben’s 35th birthday out in West Hollywood at Connie and Ted’s. We originally were going to drop off Alice at my parents house, but then decided just to bring her along. We’ve learned that we can basically eat anywhere as long as we eat before 6:30, and it seems other people share the same thoughts because there were a few other kids there as well.

    Connie and Ted’s

    The Connie and Ted’s is a New England style seafood shack. The spot is much larger than what i imagined it to be with lots of seating inside and out. There is a nice variety of dishes that you can order, albeit not all that creative as its suppose to be a very comfort food oriented, which i guess means lots of butter in all the dishes. Everything well prepared, but in the end i felt that my lips were just glistening with butter.

    New England Seafood Boil
    Fried Calamari
    Lobster Roll
    Fish and Chips

    Glazed Donut Bistro

    For dessert we walked down the street for some fancy donuts at Glazed Donut Bistro. It reminded me of Blue Star Donut out in Portland. We ordered a blueberry & cardammon, tres leches, triple chocolate, and cinnamon & caramel donut to share.