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    The Selling Game

    The condo has been on the market for two weeks now, and we’re currently on our 3rd purchase offer. The first offer came in two days after the listing went up, and was cancelled before things went into escrow because the buyer got cold feet. The next weekend came by and we had another offer on the house after a little more back and forth and we officially got into escrow this week. Lost of paper work was signed, but this time it fell through because the buyer’s financing fell through. Now we’re onto our third buyer, so we’re crossing our fingers that this was goes all the way through.…

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    So Long Gardena

    Its been almost six years since we bought our little condo in Gardena, but it was time to move on. Joy and I purchased our condo a few months after we married in 2009. For the most part it was a great place for two people to grow together where we learned to live together, do chores together, cook together, and was the starting and ending point for our days.

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    Kitchen Remodel Part 1

    Ever since we bought our condo back in 2009 Joy has been plotting to redo the kitchen. Over the years the most time we spent at home seemed to be cooking and baking and the appliances we had just didn’t seem to do it enough for us. We debated about just buying new appliances but that just didn’t seem to be worth it on its own. So  Joy spent all last summer saving up her pennies working at her second job and this year finally got to hatch her dastardly plan. It started slowly with just thoughts and ideas starting with getting offered a free estimate from Home Depot for…