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    Ben’s 36th at Odys + Penelope

    Sunday night we called up Grandma, and went out for an Adult Dinner for Ben’s 36th birthday. It felt weird not having to be pushing a stroller, and be able to take a casual stroll down the street, and popup into random shops without worry about chasing after the destroyer. 

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    Chicken and Waffle Collaboration

    Ever since my brunch at Bruxie, Jeremy and I have been in a ongoing conversation about making our own Chicken and Waffles and we eventually settled on having a Southern Luau on Sunday afternoon. I spent the entire week purchasing a new waffle iron, researching recipes and testing out different recipes. Jeremy spent his time getting the fried chicken ready and we joined forces at his house to combine what we learned. chicken-waffles-7 I eventually setteled on the Belgium Waffle Recipe from The Kitchn. The only adjustments i made to the recipe was to add half of the sugar to the water before adding in the yeast, and adding a little Vanilla Extract to the batter as well. chicken-waffles-6 Every party needs to start out with some refreshment and there was plenty of white and red sangria to go around for eight adults. chicken-waffles-2 The eating was a progressive meal as we were making waffles and frying chicken on a constant cycle to get everything as fresh as possible. chicken-waffles-3 Jeremy’s chicken was golden and crispy and with a touch of Louisiana Hot Sauce was prefect. chicken-waffles-5 I also made some cole slaw and did make my own chicken sandwich. Nothing better with a touch of sweet, salty, sour, chewy, and crunch. Definitely a success on both of our parts. chicken-waffles-4 We eventually finished eating and had some left over batter, so we decided to dip some strawberries in the waffle batter and give them a little bath in the frying oil. Actually tasted pretty good, since its basically like funnel cake.

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    Fourty for Nelfro

    Tuesday night i kissed Alice good night and headed out to celebrate Nelson’s 40th birthday. We all met up at BO-beau in Downtown Long Beach. I don’t even remember the last time i was out on a Tuesday night, but it was fun to get together to have some drinks and celebrate such a big event.


    I had dinner at home already so i didn’t try any of the French fare, but enjoyed a couple nice glasses of Hangar One Vodka Tonics. We enjoyed some cupcakes and some complimentary champagne which i thought was the end of the night, but we finished up the night on the rooftop bar.


    There was a ping pong table where we played some multi-ball doubles. Alcohol, dim lighting, and multiple balls really make for a lack of coordination.


    By 11pm it was time for the parents of the group to wrap it up and head home.

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    Triple Time

    Sunday morning we drove out to Old Towne Orange to meet up with Jen, Andy, and Leilani for brunch at Bruxie, the modern day waffle house.


    Last month Andy called me and told me they were expecting again, but what was really surprising was that it was going to be triplets. Its a rare natural triplets with twin boys and a girl, and just like that they’re going from one kid to four.

    Bruxie has been on Joy and my eating list for a while and just never found a reason to go since they’re only in Orange County. Joy and I shared a sausage, egg, and cheddar sandwich, and an order of chicken and waffles. Pretty tasty stuff.

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    Connie and Ted’s & Ben

    Saturday night we went out to celebrate Ben’s 35th birthday out in West Hollywood at Connie and Ted’s. We originally were going to drop off Alice at my parents house, but then decided just to bring her along. We’ve learned that we can basically eat anywhere as long as we eat before 6:30, and it seems other people share the same thoughts because there were a few other kids there as well.

    Connie and Ted’s

    The Connie and Ted’s is a New England style seafood shack. The spot is much larger than what i imagined it to be with lots of seating inside and out. There is a nice variety of dishes that you can order, albeit not all that creative as its suppose to be a very comfort food oriented, which i guess means lots of butter in all the dishes. Everything well prepared, but in the end i felt that my lips were just glistening with butter.

    New England Seafood Boil
    Fried Calamari
    Lobster Roll
    Fish and Chips

    Glazed Donut Bistro

    For dessert we walked down the street for some fancy donuts at Glazed Donut Bistro. It reminded me of Blue Star Donut out in Portland. We ordered a blueberry & cardammon, tres leches, triple chocolate, and cinnamon & caramel donut to share.


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    Saturday we had our annual get together with Joy’s friends. Every get together now we either get news about a new pregnancy or the arrival of a new member and of course we had the opportunity to welcome another member to the group Jacob Le.


    Look at all the kids now ranging from 2 years old to 1 month. Alice isn’t the smallest of the bunch anymore, but still has plenty to eat to catch up to Dani (sitting in the very left in purple) who’s only four month older, but like 10 pounds bigger.


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    Gen AYCE KBBQ & Frostbites



    One thing about playing basketball is that it makes you hungry, and my teammates love to eat. Saturday we met up to eat some KBBQ at GEN in Cerritos. It gets a little difficult to having to deal with a baby and try to cook on an open grill in the middle of the table, but we managed not to burn anyone. Thankfully the booths are nice and big, and service is pretty prompt so we were able to eat and keep the kids entertained. Alice got to meet her future basketball teammate Kaylen, and they interacted a little bit before both of them needed to eat and be separated.


    After lunch we headed to Frostbites for some italian custard and sorbet. Its a little heavy for my taste but still pretty refreshing on a hot day.

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    Spring is in the air

    Today may be the first day of spring, but i could’ve sworn it was Saturday. In the afternoon we went out to Brea for Quinn’s second birthday party at the Wildcatter Park. It was a hot weekend with the temperature reaching into the 90s. It was a good day for a birthday party, but a bad day for someone who’s got some allergies. I held up pretty well throughout the day, just needing to blow my nose, but by the time we got home i was ready to pass out, and pass out i did.

    girlsBack at the party Alice got to hangout with all her aunties, uncles, and pals in the patio. We also found out Joy’s friend Shelly is now expecting her first kid so everyone was excited. Now the game is to see who’s going to have the first second kid.

    park Once the weather started to cool off we moved to the grass where we could spread out a little more and let the kids who could walk to run around and get into trouble.


    And of course we took her down the slide.

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    Kids, kids and more kids

    harrisonThe month of January has been a deluge of kid events. We celebrated Harrison’s 1st birthday at Brodard Chateau and picked the golf club for his DolWe even got to do our first family portrait via caricature .

    basketballWe spent another weekend watching Joy’s nieces and nephew play in their basketball league in burbank. Everyone was ready for Alice to his the court next season.1025286_10202016744317711_1493787197_oLast weekend we celebrated May and Tony’s future child coming into the world at the Park in Temple City. Alice was such a good girl and social butterfly talking away with everyone who held her. We’re sure in trouble when she gets older.

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    The Magic Castle

    The Magic Castle®, located at 7001 Franklin Avenue in the Hollywood district of Los AngelesCalifornia, is a nightclub formagicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as “the most unusual private club in the world.”

    A few months ago I was talking about wanting to go to The Magic Castle(TMC) with Tiffany, and she mentioned she could get us in if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes, but since at the time Joy was still pregnant, and it was out in Hollywood we needed a weekend reservation, which ended up being this past Sunday.


    Thankfully my mom said she could stay over and babysit Alice over the night, so Joy got a chance to dress up, and enjoy an evening with our friends. Our night was joined by Tiffany and Ben of course, Shane and Joann, and Tiffany’s cousin.

    magic-castle-2TMC doesn’t allow pictures beyond the lobby so this is the only pictures i could take, and its hard to explain how interesting the building is. Its like a house that was in constant expansion with lots of stairs and rooms around different corners where random magicians hangout waiting to be engaged and put on a show for a few or a group of people. I’m not sure if it was because of just my age, or just the advancement in home technology that everything was just a bit kitchy and the whole time you were just like, oh i know how that works.

    We had dinner reservations at 6pm where i got to try Beef Wellington for the first time, while Joy enjoyed some filet of beef. The food was fine, nothing to be wow’d about but nothing terrible.

    The main attraction of the night was a show in their auditorium which looked like it was straight out of the 70s or 80s Vegas with the overacting magician and dancing assistant but was fun nevertheless. It seemed like it was straight out of some comedy parody show, but for real.


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    Friends with Holidays

    The Holidays are now over, and i never could find anytime to update my blog. Honestly i just never got into the Holiday spirit this year, and i don’t know because i lost a mental month because of Alice, or because its been 75° in Los Angeles all of December. Here’a quick recap of all the things I did with all my friends.

    December 21 – Han Party

    han-partykidsThao and Dinh threw their annal holiday party, and it was CRAZY. The food was awesome as usual, but there were a good 30 people that we didn’t know, and a good 10 more kids running around at knee level. We were pretty much bunkered up in one of the dens where we barely moved from. At least our kids had just enough room to kind of interact which one another.

    December 22 – Le Party

    lunchmilesThe next day we went over to Tony and May’s new house for a house warming lunch with a smaller group of friends. It was a lot easier to catch up with the same friends from the night before with a little more room to stretch out.

    Joy made my mom’s secret recipe cheesecake and got a lesson from her on how to decorate it.

    December 26 – Pat’s Christmas Party

    presentsThe day after Christmas Joy and I went over to her cousin Anne’s house where cousin Pat wanted to have all the kids over for a present opening party. All the kids had plenty of presents to open up and Alice got a few things too.