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    Memorial Weekend Eats

    Joy and I are working on getting our kitchen redone, so we’ve cleared out all the cabinets and are in the process of clearing out the fridge so we’re not really setup to do any cooking. We did manage to paint our living room, but other than that we didn’t have any plans, so i’ll just talk about all the places we went to eat at instead. Saturday For dinner we did a mini tour of east downtown LA, starting off with the Pie Hole. We shared a very tasty Chicken & Cornbread potpie, and a lemon meringue tart. Both were really good, and really made me want to learn how to…

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    Lahaina Morning

    Saturday morning I was up early because of the two hour time difference with PST and the kid was up with me. We hung out and watched a little Lilo and Stitch until the sun rose. Once the sun peaked up over Haleakala all the early risers headed out the small beach just a few feet from our house. Kaylee wasn’t so happy about the loud crashing waves, but the adults had fun in the cold sand and had a little fun with some stop action photography. For breakfast we always have to go get some McDonald’s Local Breakfast, and we made it worth it by running the 1.8 miles…

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    Your Old Friend is Back

    For the past two weeks, every time i’ve passed by a McDonalds i’ve looked to see if the McRib was back yet. Sunday late morning Joy and I drove-thru a McDonald to pick up some coffee, and right before i ordered Joy said, hey look McRib was back, and my mind did a complete flip inside out. Immediately i ordered three (1 for me, 1 for joy, and 1 for jonathan) and forgot about the coffee. Today must have been the first advertising push by McDonalds because my cousin texted me letting me know, and Tbang let it be known on twitter. I have the best friends in the world.

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    Running Again

    Too bad summer is over, and by the time Joy and I go out for our evening run, its more like a midnight run. The 1.7 mile run from Manhattan Beach pier to Hermosa Beach pier is still a pretty nice route because when the sun goes down, the houses light up, and now the residents that live by the beach let everyone into the living rooms. Most of the houses open up their windows and turn on the lights and you get a peek on how they live. Lets just say they all live a pretty nice life with the amount of furniture and wine glasses most of these…

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    Fast Food Junkie

    I am starting a new section on my website dedicated to all that is bad from fast food. Bad as in good to get from these havens of fat and grease. I’ll be covering any place that you have to order at the counter and have the option at eating in or taking it to go as the normal options. I personally believe that if someone is just bringing your food, but not actually taking your food order at the table you can’t really consider it a sit down restaurant. This list is going to cover everything from Arby’s to siZzler and basically point out what’s good there to eat.