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    Kids, kids and more kids

    The month of January has been a deluge of kid events. We celebrated Harrison’s 1st birthday at Brodard Chateau and picked the golf club for his Dol. We even got to do our first family portrait via caricature . We spent another weekend watching Joy’s nieces and nephew play in their basketball league in burbank. Everyone was ready for Alice to his the court next season.Last weekend we celebrated May and Tony’s future child coming into the world at the Park in Temple City. Alice was such a good girl and social butterfly talking away with everyone who held her. We’re sure in trouble when she gets older.

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    Friends with Holidays

    The Holidays are now over, and i never could find anytime to update my blog. Honestly i just never got into the Holiday spirit this year, and i don’t know because i lost a mental month because of Alice, or because its been 75° in Los Angeles all of December. Here’a quick recap of all the things I did with all my friends. December 21 – Han Party Thao and Dinh threw their annal holiday party, and it was CRAZY. The food was awesome as usual, but there were a good 30 people that we didn’t know, and a good 10 more kids running around at knee level. We were…

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    Prepping for Alice

    Joy is heading into full term tomorrow and basically all things are looking normal. Joy’s last week of work is going to be next week, and she’s looking forward to having a little time off before giving birth. Alice has been shiving Joy from the inside which is making it difficult for her to sleep some nights, but other than that she seems to be handling the pregnancy pretty well in my opinion. We’ve hit the midway point of our childbirth preparation class that we’ve been taking at Kaiser Permanente in Anaheim every Wednesday night which while driving i want to take a turn to head to Disneyland, but once in…

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    Birthday Double Feature

    Having Alice’s Baby Shower on September 28th wasn’t so much to ignore my own birthday, but actually give my sister two reasons to come back down to Los Angeles for the weekend. What better way to celebrate both our birthdays than dinner at Lawry’s once again. Looking back this is the third time we celebrated our birthdays at Lawry’s but the party will continue to get bigger with Kaylee joining the festivities this year. (I’ve just been really busy at work and home to get to writing any blog postings but i’m going to catch up this week, i swear)

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    Disneyland 5k – Race Day

    I signed up for the Disneyland 5k back in the winter time and knew it was a long ways away but kept up all summer going for 2 and 3 mile runs even during the weekdays. I couldn’t seem to get past running a 9:30 mile, and really tried to get it closer to a nine minute mile to beat my personal record (PR). Going into race day i was faced with a dilemma of racing by myself or walking with Joy since she’s pregnant, and my sister still sore from her minor surgery the week before. I planned on walking part of the race with them and running the…

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    Disneyland Halfathon Weekend

    Six years ago when i first met Joy, i somehow convinced her to run a half marathon with me even though neither one of us had run more than a 5k before. It was early on in our dating timeline and i had some reservation about asking a girl i basically had just met to a date seven months into the future, but something inside told me just go for it. Looking back I think training together for the half-marathon was something that we really bonded over time with and got us to where we are now. This year knowing that we were trying to get pregnant we only signed…

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    Happy Sixty-Ninth Birthday

    Today is my dad’s 69th birthday and this weekend he celebrated with all his friends. At this point I think he has more friends than i do, and they all showed up to wish him a happy birthday. I got to partake in all the tasty Thai food, a slice of a Porto’s cake, and finally got to witness the parents rocking out to their karaoke.

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    Maternity Photos

    The morning before Joy and I got back on a plane from Portland to Long Beach I booked a photographer to take some maternity photos for us. Originally I thought I would just do them, but after thinking about it I figured it was probably best that somebody else take care of it, and went with Colleen Sparks. It also helped that the she’s also was Aziz’s neighbor. It was beneficial since she was able to pick us up and bring us to Cathedral Park which sits underneath St. John’s Bridge which gives plenty of things to take pictures by. We spent about an hour shooting around the parks in…

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    the 4th

    The 4th of July seemed to creep on me this year, and thankfully i don’t really need to plan any activities since we seem to have a new tradition with Joy’s family. Thursday morning Joy and I packed up our beach gear and headed to Manhattan Beach to reserve a volleyball court. By 9am the beach was getting busy and we were lucky to get a really close parking spot. Soon later the entire 20 person clan arrived with lots of snacks and chair. My legs have been really hurting lately so i didn’t partake in the volleyball action but did get some good reading time in. For dinner we…

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    Ms. Fatty Jr. to you

    I realized that i haven’t actually said anything about our impending new addition to our household, but by the end of the year i’ll be a dad. I can hardly still believe it but i guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Joy hit 19 weeks and it was time to find out the gender of the future kid and leading up to it people kept asking me if i preferred a boy or a girl and for the most part i didn’t care. But as people kept asking me i started to form an opinion and hoped for a boy and started to think about playing basketball…

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    Kaylee’s Birthday Weekend

    I can’t believe that my sister’s kid is already 1 year old. Feels like yesterday that Kaylee was still just a fat ball of a human, and now she’s a babbling, walking machine. The whole family came down from SF to celebrate with family this weekend and we had much fun. We ditched the baby on Friday night and went out to dinner at M.B. Post in Manhattan Beach which i’ve been meaning to go to for over a year, and randomly made RSVP for that night so it was perfect timing. It was a fun and tasty evening of just adults. Saturday was the big day that was a…