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    on the clock in New York

    In my 20s i always had a dream about working in New York, and finally in my 30s i got to do it. Although our consulting gig is a little more plush than it would have been in my 20s, considering thats they paid for a town car to pick us up from the airport and put us in a two bedroom condo just blocks from the office. This makes it nice and fake at the same time because we don’t have to fight the crowds of the subway or need to walk multiple miles to get into work, because i hate sitting down and being sweaty. While the main…

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    Mangia! Mangia!

    After our first holiday dinner party with friends we said that we had to do it again. Of course organizing multiple families to find a date that is free for everyone is pretty difficult, so it happened that it took until April to get together again. I wanted to try out making out a porchetta again so i made it an Italian theme. I roasted a 3lb roast with 3lbs of pork belly for a few hours and it came out delicious. I wasn’t sure if everyone was going to be ok just going at it with their hands so i also bought some rolls, arugula, and grilled onions to…

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    Kings vs. Stars

    Thursday night Joy got tickets to the LA Kings vs. Dallas Stars Hockey game from her work. We got 4 Premiere tickets so we invited Tony and Lisa to join us since they’re one of the few people that i know that like hockey. The Kings were getting a lot of shots on goal, but unfortunately Dallas’ goalie was standing on his head that night. The Stars eventually scored a goal in the third, and put in a second when i came back from the bathroom, and figured it was time to leave since its pretty rare for a team to come back from two down with minutes to play…

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    Afternoon in Little Tokyo

    For lunch on Wednesday Jonathan had to drop off some stuff for creativity heals so we headed to LIttle Tokyo to meet up with Jenny at Spitz. After eating, chatting, and dropping off stuff we went to visit Roy at his Japangeles pod. Its pretty cool to see our one time business banker make it as a small business owner.  Last on our agenda was to stop by the Spice Table before dinner service to say hi to Bryant. Seems like he’s a super busy guy beyond just running his restaurant, now that he’s part of a new The Inaugural World Street Food Congress. He’ll be travelling to Singapore this summer to…

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    On the run

    Without motivation i’m just a lump on the couch. I decided early in the year that i was going to run a 5k and a 10k and some how ended up skipping the 5k and going straight to the Redondo Beach Superbowl 10k. With only a month to train i was pretty hesitant after i sent in my money but its been a decent amount of time to train. Last night we did probably our longest mid-week run and went 4 straight miles in about 40 minutes. Thats probably the longest run i’ll do before next week’s race but i feel pretty confident as long as it doesn’t rain. Incidentally…

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    Yelp Elite Gold

    Its been 5 years since i joined yelp.com and 550+ reviews later and i’m a Yelp Elite Gold Member now. I’ve slowed down quite a bit since i started, partly because i’m eating at fewer new places and that i like to think about what i’m writing about a little more. My overall opinion of the social review site is that at its core its still a super useful tool and i still use it on a regular basis to find places to eat and go. I do judge their star rating with slightly less immediate reaction and go more on the actual text written within the reviews. The more…

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    Year in Review 2012

    Best Movie It doesn’t really compare when there are five movies made prior to one specific movie to be made that it wont come out on top. I’m of course talking about The Avengers. Throw in the addition to the cast that played Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor, you throw in Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson you’ve got a guaranteed money maker. The funny thing was by the end of the movie the guy who you end up rooting for is Agent Phil Coulson. Runner Ups: The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Best TV Show Th TV show that i remember most wasn’t really…

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    1000s of Instagrams

    Thursday night Joy and I went to Happy Hour for the first time since the spring and went back to Copa d’ Oro in Santa Monica for their $5 drinks. Unbeknownst to me was that i also made my 1000ths Instagram Photo. Also i’m still on pace for my 365 photos for the year with only a few weeks left to finally accomplish my goal. I’m still not big on tagging my photos like some people do, but i have started tagging a few which i think are funny or actually look good. These are some of my favorite recent photos or you can see ALL of my photos on my Instagram page…

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    Baby Weekend

    I really had no idea that my weekend was going to be just a event after event of babies. Saturday morning we had to attend Emily’s Zoe’s 1st baby at the park. After that party we headed over to see Jennifer and Jeremy’s newborn Miles who had just come the hospital a few days before. Sunday was CJ and Song’s 1st baby shower at Thainakorn. It was fun to hangout with my basketball friends away from the courts for once.

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    Wedding Streak

    I thought i was done with weddings last year but i guess you continuously make friends from all corners  in your life and i’m thankful i can still make friends as i get older. Once we got back from Europe it was a nonstop wedding month with weddings three weeks in a row. The first one was for my accountant/friend Sung at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange which i’ve always seen going to the block or driving down the 5 freeway but never stepped foot in. Its a grand church with a huge pipe organ walls that open up to the outside, and fountains shoot up that can be controlled for…