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    Bavel is one of the newest hot restaurants in LA that i had to book months in advanced. It just so happen to land on Mother’s Day weekend so that worked out for me. I didn’t have high expectations even with all the rave reviews because i wasn’t sure how different Middle Eastern food could get from any other corner stores, but as a sister restaurant to Bestia they had some things going for them. I got some recommendations from people that i know who have gone already and basically ordered what everyone seemed to like. After the meal i have to agree with everyone. Something about getting each dish…

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    Home Ownership

    Its been a fun month of Home ownership this month for some odd reason. At the beginning of the month our internet went out, and we were without our main source of home entertainment for a few days. We were all stuck watching a single TV of over the air programming until Frontier Fios came out and had to replace our ONT unit in the garage.

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    The Selling Game

    The condo has been on the market for two weeks now, and we’re currently on our 3rd purchase offer. The first offer came in two days after the listing went up, and was cancelled before things went into escrow because the buyer got cold feet. The next weekend came by and we had another offer on the house after a little more back and forth and we officially got into escrow this week. Lost of paper work was signed, but this time it fell through because the buyer’s financing fell through. Now we’re onto our third buyer, so we’re crossing our fingers that this was goes all the way through.…

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    Expensive Dim Sum

    We were a bit in the mood for Dim Sum the other day, and i wanted to try somewhere new and tried out one from a new list of Dim Sum joints in the SVG. We normally go to Elite, but this time we tried out King Hua which was another high end joint that serves by ordering vs. carts. We went a little overboard when ordering because we were 1. Hungry, and 2. I wanted to try multiple things that were mentioned on top of our normal order of food. These were some of the more different dishes that we ordered. Dumpling Soup Egg Tarts Coconut Rolls Milk Buns

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    Toy Collection

    I’m still getting some residuals off of my www.istockphoto.com account which still nets me a few hundred dollars a year. I normally just throw that back into my normal banking account, but for some reason i got the itch to do a little shopping with it. So i hopped onto ebay and just started searching for random things of interests.   Thats when i started searching for old toys that i once owned, or wish i owned, that would be less than $10 including shipping, and thats where i fell upon some Generation 1 Transformers Mini Cars. These were the small transformers that came with no accessories and really barely…