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    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    Eastern Conference

    1. Milwaukee Bucks
    2. Philadelphia 76ers
    3. Boston Celtics
    4. Brooklyn Nets
    5. Toronto Raptors
    6. Orlando Magic
    7. Detroit Pistons
    8. Miami Heat

    Western Conference

    1. Houston Rockets
    2. Denver Nuggets
    3. Utah Jazz
    4. Los Angeles Lakers
    5. Los Angeles Clippers
    6. San Antonio Spurs
    7. Oklahoma Thunder
    8. Sacramento Kings

    MVP: Joel Embiid

    DOP: Giannis Antetokounmpo

    ROY: Zion Williamson

    6th: Lou Williams

    Finals: Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

    Champions: Philadelphia 76ers 4-2

    First Coach Fired: Scott Brooks

    Lakers Record: 49-33

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    LVI Champions

    After 8 years playing forTeam Mixed Plate we are finally Champions. It like we erased years of demons when we faced off with many old foes that beat us previous years, didn’t make the same mistakes at the end of games and we finally pushed through past failures to come out victorious.


    Funny enough for our second game Tiffany’s dad was one our refs for the game, and i swear he didn’t give us any extra calls.

    To celebrate we started off by taking team shots at the Main St. Hotel Bar.

    Then we some how managed to fit the entire team at Oyster Bar where we feasted like kings on Pan Roast, and Oysters.


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    2018-2019 NBA Recap

    Eastern Conference

    1. Boston Celtics
    2. Toronto Raptors
    3. Philadelphia 76ers
    4. Indiana Pacers
    5. Milwaukee Bucks
    6. Miami Heat
    7. Washington Wizards
    8. Detroit Pistons

    Western Conference

    1. Golden State Warriors
    2. Houston Rockets
    3. San Antonio Spurs
    4. Los Angeles Lakers
    5. Utah Jazz
    6. Memphis Grizzlies
    7. Oklahoma Thunder
    8. Denver Nuggets

    MVP: Kevin Durant

    DOP: Rudy Gobert

    ROY: Kevin Knox

    6th: Eric Gordon

    Finals: GSW vs. Boston

    Champions: GSW 4-2

    First Coach Fired: Tom Thibodeau

    Lakers Record: 49-33

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    Las Vegas Invitational 2015

    This weekend was my annual pilgrimage to the desert to play in the Las Vegas Invitational Basketball Tournament benefiting a new gym being built in Little Tokyo. This year things were a little different considering that half the team from last year wasn’t playing this year, and most of the spouses weren’t coming due to various reasons.

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    2013-2014 NBA Predictions

    The NBA season really has sprung up on me this season and i barely even knew the preseason was going on. Its probably because i’ve already given up on the Lakers’ season and expect them to eventually trade Pau Gasol and just tank the rest of the season in hopes of drafting some kid named Andrew Wiggins.

    My overall sense of the upcoming season is that it will be a revival of stars lost last year. Meaning that Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, and even Andrew Bynum come back to make a difference this year, but the stars currently hurt, Kobe, Rondo, wont make a difference to their teams overall success. I think that Miami can’t make it to finals four years in a row, and Kevin Durant can’t handle the loss of multiple players from the past few years.

    NBA East Division Predictions:

    1. Chicago
    2. Miami
    3. Brooklyn
    4. Indiana
    5. New York
    6. Cleveland
    7. Atlanta
    8. Detroit

    spursNBA West Division Predictions:

    1. San Antonio
    2. LA Clippers
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Golden State
    5. Houston
    6. Memphis
    7. Dallas
    8. Minnesota

    droseNBA 2013-2014 Winners:

    • Champions: Chicago Bulls
    • MVP: Kevin Durant
    • Defense: LeBron James
    • 6th Man: Jarret Jack
    • Scoring Leader: Carmelo Anthony
    • Most Improved: Patrick Beverley
    • ROY: Victor Oladipo
    • COY: Doc Rivers
    • First Coach Fired: Tyrone Corbin
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    Las Vegas Invitational 2013

    This past weekend Team Mixed Plate for another year gathered in Sin City to fight to be kings of the Dirt Division. Sadly this year was a repeat of last year’s 5th finish, and it was especially hard on me this year because for once we really tried to win. We actually spent time this summer meeting up and practicing at the Artesia High gym, working on our offense, and defense and had a pretty good game plan going into the weekend.

    Friday night’s game versus Wheelchair Bound went exactly according to plan. Our bigs were playing big, CJ was hitting his shot from outside and we built a small lead going into the second half. In the second half i got hot and blew open the game hitting my shots and pushing the lead to over 15 points.


    We were feeling good going into Saturday’s morning game, but unfortunately old habits die hard. Our second opponent was versus Rebels and was a hard fought battle until the last second. We had to overcome our poor shooting in the first half to get back within 2 points with 30 seconds left in the game, but my poor game management left us without even getting a shot off, and that basically deflated the entire game.


    For the battle for 3rd place we were just outmatched by LGN Busy Bees, with their quicker big guys blowing by our big guys, and their guards getting hot from the outside. By the end it wasn’t even close and we left with another white shirt. (First place gets a black shirt, 2nd and 3rd get a colored shirt).

    It was another fun weekend for basketball but what really hurts the most is that we have to wait another year to try again.

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    LVI Practice

    This will be my third year playing in the LVI tournament in September and really want to win this year, so i reached out to see if our team could get together for some practice time. I was really pleased that got 7 people to join us at the gym. We were able to really talk about lineups, offensive and defensive strategy which we’ve never had before. We would normally just show up in Vegas, shake hands and basically just start playing.

    After practice we all headed over to Class 302 for some shaved snow which a few people have never had before. I really like the Mango one because its got these huge pieces of mochi that gives another layer of texture and there some hidden almond jello on the bottom. We shared two shaved snow amongst 8 of us.

    class302-menu class302-mango

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    League of Chumps Champion

    Last Saturday i was planning on attending Jih & Liz’s baby shower with Joy, but what i didn’t realize it was a girls only party, and i don’t think i could have been any happier. The party was at Regional Park in Cerritos and since we were there already together it was the prefect time for Jih and I go out for my celebratory meal at Boiling Crab for winning his Fantasy Basketball League of Chumps league. It was my second year in the league made many moves that should’ve bit me in the ass, but somehow i ended still winning the league and a getting a free meal on Jih.

    We got there about 12:30pm and it was the first time i didn’t have to wait to be seated. We ordered a pound of shrimp, oysters, and sausage and scarfed it all down an about an hour and walked out of there with our bellies full. The rest of the day was not pleasant for Joy as the garlicly butter mixture just sticks to your insides and every time you burp its like a gas bomb going off. Joy was not pleased.

    boiling-crab-2 boiling-crab-1