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    Magic Kingdom

    Today was our 10 year wedding anniversary and the main reason we came to Disney World this week. We work up with the rain gone, and the sun out again the crowds were out in full force. We had a 10:30am breakfast inside Cinderella’s Castle which meant we needed to get on the bus for the 20 minute ride, through security and to the castle in time for our reservation. The problem was that there was an Extra Magic Hours at the Magic Kingdom so everyone was going and we had to wait for 3/4 busses to fill up before we could get on. Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table is another…

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    My memories of Epcot were that it was hot, big, and boring. There were just a lot of movies and not many rides to go on. After this trip its one of my favorite parks after growing up a bit and after they’ve increased the amount of rides in the park now. After a rough day before it was nice to get a good night’s sleep and have enough time to prepare for the full day in the park ahead of us. You have to be prepared for every type of weather when you visit Florida and day two proved it to be true as we work up to rain,…

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    Welcome to Disney World

    Our start of our vacation got off to a bad start months before we actually left when previous booked flight times changed which made me find new ones that i thought would work but ended up being just as bad. I had originally planned for us to leave at midnight and arrive to Disney World around 8am, but what after all the rebookings we left LA at 9:00pm and landed in Orlando at 4:30am and arrived at our hotel just after 5:00am. We now had hours to kill before the parks opened up and with little to no sleep for everyone it wasn’t a very pleasant start to our day.…

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    We’re going to Disney World!

    Last summer while planning for our 10 Year Wedding anniversary we were deciding between going back to Hawaii or finally going to Disney World. After much debate and planning we decided to take our first trip to Disney World, and i was off to the races. I’ve been listening to the Mouse Chat Podcast for a few years now and knew the basic ins and outs of what to do and not to do but actually putting everything into motion was still exciting.


    Taking Laps

    Saturday was our annual trip to the LEGOLAND water park where we go all out and get a cabana with all the friends. Joy had to work in the morning so Alice and I got ride from another friend. Alice and I spent most of our time riding around the lazy river at least a few dozen times.

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    The East Bay

    Joy was beginning her new Tuesday thru Saturday schedule so we decided to take advantage of a free three day weekend by taking a trip up to the East Bay. The trip didn’t start off so well again, this time because the day before our trip our van’s passenger window motor broke and did not want to roll up, but thankfully my parents let me borrow their van to take to the airport.

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    Tt was finally time to replace Joy’s college Corolla. After months of research between the Pilot, QX40, CR-V, Outback we decided on the Acura MDX. I think it was always destined for us to buy that car, since we’re thinking of the RDX 7 years ago.

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    Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the California Science Center to visit the Kelp Forest. Since we were out in LA we figured we should just eat in the city and while browsing Open Table i didn’t see anything interesting and on a whim decided to check out Majordomo if there was ANY reservation and to my surprise there was one at 5:45 for a party of 4. I was shocked since i’ve been trying to get rsvp for months now without even a sniff. So we decided to have a super early Father’s Day dinner. Majordomo is David Chang’s first Los Angeles restaurant that i’ve been eagerly anticipating since…