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    The Pandemic of 2020

    Tomorrow is my 41st birthday and it’s been six month since the start of the Pandemic so i thought i would spend some time writing things down to what has happened so far just as a reminder to my future self and to anyone who may still be reading my blog.

    It was probably late January, or early February where i started to read articles about a flu hitting China, which was causing the whole country to shut down, and basically hide from the virus. Reports starting flowing that it originated in a wet market in the city of Wuhan, and it was serious enough that the Chinese government was trying to cover up what was happening inside their borders. Every article that came out really started to read like World War Z minus the zombies but all of the deaths.

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    Brian Head UT

    Mammoth Mountain has always been a favorite of mine, but the costs of going there has started to get ridiculous. I’ve heard of good things about Brian Head Utah and teamed up with CJ’s family to take a trip out there for President’s weekend. We also convinced Joy’s friends, and Ben and Tiff to go up the same weekend as well.

    Thursday night we took off after work and headed to Vegas to sleep for the night before driving Friday night up to the Mountains which is 3 hours north of Las Vegas. We got a super cheap rate at the Rio hotel fro $14 (+40$ resort fee). First stop before checking into our hotel was to get some dinner at Izakaya Go since the kids wanted udon and Joy and I wanted some drinks.

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    2019 Year in Review

    Wow, i guess i never did a 2018 year in review, but here’s 2019 anyways.

    Best Movie

    • The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
    • Captain Marvel
    • Avengers: Endgame
    • Pokémon Detective Pikachu
    • John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
    • Toy Story 4
    • Spider-Man: Far From Home
    • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
    • Zombieland: Double Tap
    • Frozen II
    • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
    • Spies in Disguise
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    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    Eastern Conference

    1. Milwaukee Bucks
    2. Philadelphia 76ers
    3. Boston Celtics
    4. Brooklyn Nets
    5. Toronto Raptors
    6. Orlando Magic
    7. Detroit Pistons
    8. Miami Heat

    Western Conference

    1. Houston Rockets
    2. Denver Nuggets
    3. Utah Jazz
    4. Los Angeles Lakers
    5. Los Angeles Clippers
    6. San Antonio Spurs
    7. Oklahoma Thunder
    8. Sacramento Kings

    MVP: Joel Embiid

    DOP: Giannis Antetokounmpo

    ROY: Zion Williamson

    6th: Lou Williams

    Finals: Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

    Champions: Philadelphia 76ers 4-2

    First Coach Fired: Scott Brooks

    Lakers Record: 49-33

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    LVI Champions

    After 8 years playing forTeam Mixed Plate we are finally Champions. It like we erased years of demons when we faced off with many old foes that beat us previous years, didn’t make the same mistakes at the end of games and we finally pushed through past failures to come out victorious.


    Funny enough for our second game Tiffany’s dad was one our refs for the game, and i swear he didn’t give us any extra calls.

    To celebrate we started off by taking team shots at the Main St. Hotel Bar.

    Then we some how managed to fit the entire team at Oyster Bar where we feasted like kings on Pan Roast, and Oysters.


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    Backyard Redo

    After 3 years of what was described to me as a backyard of a crack house, we finally got around to fixing up the backyard.

    With such a large space to work with, we knew it was going to cost a lot, and it was going to take a lot of planning. We spent months try to figure out whether to go with concrete or pavers, grass or astroturf, plants or trees, patio cover or pergola and in the end we kept it simple since we were quoted into the $70,000+, and we just really wanted something usable at this point. .

    My main goal was to create a larger entertainment space and keep everything else simple for the time being. The patio was cracked all over, the lawn area was uneven and didn’t have any sprinklers so we went and tore everything out.  We redid our patio with cement and expanded it by an additional six feet straight to the backyard gate. We poured an addition pad by the front wall for a future shed, and planned for sprinklers and grass for the majority of yard, save 3-6 feet of planter space.

    Demo took only a few days, while the long portion was just prepping the sprinklers and rebar for the cement.

    Once the cement was poured and dried the backyard already started to feel livable.

    With the grass finally in place, the backyard was done for now, and i finally felt safe to let the girls out into the backyard without them hurting themselves. The patio is now big enough for them to ride their scooters, and the grass soft enough for them to run wild.


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    2018-2019 NBA Recap

    Eastern Conference

    1. Boston Celtics
    2. Toronto Raptors
    3. Philadelphia 76ers
    4. Indiana Pacers
    5. Milwaukee Bucks
    6. Miami Heat
    7. Washington Wizards
    8. Detroit Pistons

    Western Conference

    1. Golden State Warriors
    2. Houston Rockets
    3. San Antonio Spurs
    4. Los Angeles Lakers
    5. Utah Jazz
    6. Memphis Grizzlies
    7. Oklahoma Thunder
    8. Denver Nuggets

    MVP: Kevin Durant

    DOP: Rudy Gobert

    ROY: Kevin Knox

    6th: Eric Gordon

    Finals: GSW vs. Boston

    Champions: GSW 4-2

    First Coach Fired: Tom Thibodeau

    Lakers Record: 49-33

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    Nike Town

    Saturday was the most calm day of the trip as we only had one thing on the agenda and that was to do some shopping at the Nike Corporate store. We went to breakfast back in downtown at Tasty n Alder for a delicious breakfast biscuit sandwich and a bloody mary.

    Jeremy had worked his magic the months leading up to the trip to get us entrance tickets to the Nike Corporate store where you need to know someone who works there. Obviously it isn’t totally exclusive if you can’t tell by the huge line just to get in, but a 40% discount off new releases is something to worth getting. We probably spent two hours shopping for all our families and that was still a bit rushed. I walked out of there with a couple of pairs of shoes for myself, one for Joy and some clothes for the kids.

    After shopping we went back to Portland to walk around the Saturday Morning Farmers Market and get a picture in front of the Keep Portland Weird sign.

    Our last meal of the trip was to get some sandwiches at Lardo where we split a porchetta sandwich and a Nashville (not so) hot chicken sandwich. The porchetta sandwich is one of the better ones i’ve had.

    With a single bag full of new Nike gear we headed back to the airport to close out our Dad’s trip out.

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    White Salmon River

    Friday morning we woke up early and headed across state lines to Washington to do some white water rafting on the White Salmon River. We actually got a raft to ourselves along with two other rafts filled with a church group and planned a half day trip down the river that would end with a 12′ water fall drop at Husum Falls.

    Our guide gave us the basics about getting in, tucking in, and holding on as we go over the falls. It was fun but a little anti-climatic since we could really see anything as we went over but at least we got the pictures to see it from above. At the half way point we stopped at a flat landing where we were suppose to be taken back to our car, but our guide offered to have us continue down the river to the end and we decided to just go since we were having so much fun.

    For dinner we had worked up a huge appetite so we feasted at Ox with lots of meats.

    After dinner we went to downtown Portland to do some bar hopping ending up at Deschutes Brewery to finish the night.

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    Dad’s in Portland

    I had been joking for years with some of Joy’s friends that the dads should go somewhere since the wives always go to Vegas every winter. After much debate between Vegas and other places we actually got around to planning a trip out to Portland.

    Tony being the youthful one in the group took the 5am flight out while Jeremy and I took the more casual noon flight out to Portland where Tony picked up the rental car and our AirBNB for the trip. Our first stop for a late lunch was at a Thai place called Hat Yai who serves a really good fried chicken along with sticky rice, roti and curry which really hit the spot before we headed to bars for some beers.

    After dropping off our things at the house we headed to Culmination Brewing Company where we sampled lots of sour beers.

    For dinner we went to Screen Door for some BBQ and southern-ish food.

    For the finale of the night we hopped on some scooters and had our own little tour of the Hawthorne area.