A prelude to how I value positions:

Really, when you think about it, fantasy football is sorta like economics. Supply and demand, really. And because fantasy football is like supply and demand, different positions have different value. Traditionally, the value is as follows:


Now, witht his league, this rule holds true as well. There each team needs 1 QB, 3 RBs, 2 WRs, a TE, and there two flexes (a WR/TE, and a RB/WR flex) as well as the IDP slots. So, if anything, RB is more valuable.

This will reflect in the following rankings. The teams with better RBs will reflect better in my rankings. But then again, what do I know? For all we know, every running back gets hurt this year and the Bears win the SB (But they won’t lol). So, with that said, let’s get started.

Rogers Renaissance:
This team has the most handsome QB room by far, with Mr Rodgers and Jimmy G. Like, whether or not their performance will be as elite as their looks is another matter, but I think they will be serviceable this year. However, that’s where the positives end. Im not a fan of Tony Pollard, and the other RBs on this team don’t particularly excite me in Miles Sanders, Cam Akers and Dalvin Cook. The WR room is fine. CeeDee is a good one, and Evans, Pittman and Kirk should all perform. TE is a wash, and the fact that this team only has a rookie in Mayer is really bad, given how rookie TEs always perform (hint: not very good). I also see that this team has 5 IDPs when they only needed 3. The IDP is a position that should be streamed, so this is bad. Daniel Carlson though is awesome at K. Still, I don’t think there is a lot to love here overall, particularly at the most important position. At least your QB room is hot.

Chris’s Crazy Team:
Chris clearly understood that RB needed a heavy investment, and a top 4 of Ekeler, Pierce, Montgomery and Robinson is great in this league. Daniel Jones and Geno are good at QB (more specifically, Jones is) and the WRs are strong. They even have a decent TE in Njoku. This guy clearly knew what he was doing here, and has one of the better teams in this league as a result.

Like Chris, Chiembanchong understood that RB was of premium importance, and a room of Henry, Pacheco, Jamaal Williams, Kamara and Charbonnet is fantastic. The WRs are strong and deep, headlined by Tyreek Hill, Deebo, and Pickens, and the QB room and TE room have major upside, with Lamar Jackson and Kyle Pitts. This team might be the one to beat.

Justin Jefferson and Cooper Kupp are awesome, and Kadarius Toney, Sutton and London add to a great WR room, But the RBs are Gibbs (rookie), Penny (timeshare), Deon Jackson (starts for maybe a week), Mostert (same as Jackson) and Leonard Fournette and Kareem Hunt (who are both out of the league. 🤢. … 🤮. Trevor Lawrence and the Muth are fine, but dont provide the upside some other guys at their position might. Things could be rough here.

You had Josh Allen. Why did you pick up Kirk too? Thats a waste of a roster spot that you could have used for a WR or RB. That aside, I like the RB room. A lot. CMC, Rashaad, Mattison and Dillion should all be at least serviceable, if not elite. The WRs are similar, with Godwin, Williams, Cooper and Scary Terry. Again, I question the second TE, but the room is still good. A strong team overall.

Overrated Bastards:
Gosh, this team’s first five is pretty good. Mahomes, Kelce, Adams, Mixon and Conner should be great. But everything else is not. Damien Harris is the RB2. Rashee Rice is the WR2. Like, why? Do you hate depth? And moreso, why do you have Kyler? You only need one QB and you have MAHOMES. This team is gonna have it ROUGH. They just arent deep enough to compete. At least in my eyes.

Dick Hammers Favorite Grandson:
Deshaun Watson and Derek Carr are certainly an interesting QB group, but the RB room outside of Breece Hall is not. JK Dobbins is in the dumbest holdout ever, Kenneth Walker may lose a lot of work, and Antonio Gibson is on Washington. The WRs in Keenan Allen, Calvin Ridley, Aiyuk, Olave and Addison certainly have some potential though. Mark Andrews is inconsistent, but a top 3 tight end. This team could be really good if the RBs work out, but will likely only be pretty good if they don’t.

People’s Tight End:
Saquon and Etienne are the only usable RBs on this team, and this is a league where you need 3 RBs. Achane and Mitchell are not exactly great here, and let’s not even get started on Jonathan Taylor. No bueno. Kittle is like Mark Andrews, but slightly worse, and Tua might literally die if he is touched the wrong way. Also you had Joe Burrow, so why you took Tua as well is beyond me. The WRs are not exactly inspiring either here, and guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas are more likely to finish the year in a retirement home than as strong fantasy assets. I would say the upside for this squad as of right now is limited at best.

How are you going to name your team after a player who you don’t even have? Change it. Now. That said, this team does have some juice. Najee Harris and Javonte are great adds, and Zeke, Moss and Allgeier should have some value. Chase and Diggs are an awesome wr duo. Just don’t ask me about Rashod Bateman or Marvin Jones. Like with other teams in this league, I can’t help but feel that a slot is wasted with 2 QBs on the bench (unless there are weird waiver rules here I don’t know about), but Dak and Goff should be lower end QB1s. TJ Hockenson is great and just got paid. Could this squad be a contender?

Leaders and Breast:
I feel like this team name is a reference to something that I am too young to understand. But what I am not too young to understand is this: This team has some talent. Amon Ra is my favorite WR in the league, and guys like Jahan and Nico could emerge behind him. Bijan and Rhamondre are a nice 1-2 punch as well, though the depth at RB is a bit lacking (but this is a problem for most of these teams). Justin Fields and Anthony Richardson (2 QBs AGAIN?!) are the most athletic quarterback room (notice how I didnt say they could throw very well) in this league, and Waller is a guy I’m huge on. The potential for this squad is sky high.

I am unsure if this guy is an Eagles fan (good) or a Jets fan (not good). Let’s assume he is an Eagles fan, since he has Hurts. And though Hurts is really good, the RB room outside of Chubb and Jones (which is an awesome 1-2 punch) is not. Kendre Miller is not good enough to be the only other RB you carry on a team that requires 3 starting RBs at any given time. Like dude, the fact that you NEED 3 RBs should have indicated to you that you really should have taken 5-6. But whatever. WRs are fun, with Moore, DK, JuJu and Zay lined up for big roles, and Evan Engram and Higbee are fine at TE. I just can’t get over how bare the RB room is though…

Ok. So the team actually has the player on the roster who inspired the name. Bonus points for that. Josh Jacobs is a fine RB1, though I am not a believer in either James Cook or DeAndre Swift, so RB is a concern (yes, this is a trend get over it). I am not concerned over the WRs though, headlines by Garrett Wilson, Jaylen Waddle and Christian Watson, not to mention a bench that has Diontae Johnson, Gabe Davis, Skyy Moore and Jonathan Mingo, guys who all could be steals. I am a huge Kmet fan too, so I love that as well, and Justin Herbert is going to be great, now freed from hater of fun Joe Lombardi. This team is also very strong.

Final Rankings:

  1. Team Chiembanchong
  2. Chris’s Crazy Team
  3. RodgersThat
  4. Leaders and Breast
  5. WaddlePenguin
  6. HOFJAllen
  7. Dick Hammers Favorite Grandons
  8. gangGREEN
  9. Rogers Renaissance
  10. People’s Tight End
  11. Overrated Bastards
  12. Beam Team