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    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    2019-2020 NBA Preview

    Eastern Conference

    1. Milwaukee Bucks
    2. Philadelphia 76ers
    3. Boston Celtics
    4. Brooklyn Nets
    5. Toronto Raptors
    6. Orlando Magic
    7. Detroit Pistons
    8. Miami Heat

    Western Conference

    1. Houston Rockets
    2. Denver Nuggets
    3. Utah Jazz
    4. Los Angeles Lakers
    5. Los Angeles Clippers
    6. San Antonio Spurs
    7. Oklahoma Thunder
    8. Sacramento Kings

    MVP: Joel Embiid

    DOP: Giannis Antetokounmpo

    ROY: Zion Williamson

    6th: Lou Williams

    Finals: Denver Nuggets vs. Philadelphia 76ers

    Champions: Philadelphia 76ers 4-2

    First Coach Fired: Scott Brooks

    Lakers Record: 49-33

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    LVI Champions

    After 8 years playing forTeam Mixed Plate we are finally Champions. It like we erased years of demons when we faced off with many old foes that beat us previous years, didn’t make the same mistakes at the end of games and we finally pushed through past failures to come out victorious.


    Funny enough for our second game Tiffany’s dad was one our refs for the game, and i swear he didn’t give us any extra calls.

    To celebrate we started off by taking team shots at the Main St. Hotel Bar.

    Then we some how managed to fit the entire team at Oyster Bar where we feasted like kings on Pan Roast, and Oysters.