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    Night on the Town

    Saturday marked the first day of summer, and it just so happened to be Joy and my first real date night since Alice came into our lives. My mother was kind enough to spend the night at our house to watch over little Alice while we got to head out sans diaper bag.

    A month ago Jonathan Gold released his 101 Best Restaurants of LA and had Providence as its #1 restaurant. A few weeks later Providence announced the reopening  and a special nine year anniversary four course dinner special for the month of June so i jumped online and made RSVP for the 21st.


    We got up to LA with a little time to kill so we started off by getting a drink at Mozza Pizzeria, but unbeknownst to me, they serve wine in little carafes at a glass and a half, which we had to finish in a half hour. We were pretty toasty to say the least.


    Having a 5:30 RSVP made us have restaurant almost to ourselves, but filled up once we finished. We looked over the menu and besides the 4 course menu, we could’ve gone with the other menus that ranged from 8-12 dishes with the longest being around 3 hour ordeal. We decided to keep to the 4 course, and add in an Uni Egg, and i ordered the supplemental a5 Wagyu Beef. It was my delayed father’s day dinner so why not splurge a little.


    Along with the four courses it started off with a bunch of amuse bouches from a Dark and Stormy jello shot, to a really good smoked halibut soup. The Uni Egg was delicious and this coming from two people that don’t typically eat it.  The wagyu beef was super buttery and i’m glad i tried it, but it really made me miss having some actual beef beef. The dinner took about 2 hours to finish, and was a great experience.

    After dinner we took a walk around Hollywood and Highland

  • Dude you're a dad.

    First Father’s Day

    My father’s day started off early when my mom accidentally informed me in a group text that my gift had arrived on Friday, which made my day for the rest of the day. That evening i got to open my present to find my very own GoPro Camera. Of course i spent the next few hours on amazon looking at all the different things i could buy for it.


    Sunday morning we went to go see the fish at the California Science Center since its cheaper than the Aquarium of the Pacific. The difference between paying $20-30 per adult vs. any donation amount is a no brainer.

    Now that she can lean onto things it makes these trips funner to go. We can let her out of her seat and let her kind of explore on her own accord. She was more interested in the host on the mic and the kids around her than the big fish in the tank.

    The rest of day was business as usual with my Huntington Beach Basketball League, and KFC for dinner with my dad.

  • Chef'ing

    Chef’ing around

    I still try to get my hands dirty when ever i have a little extra time on my hands and wanted to share some of the recipes that i’ve tried and have been happy with. Most of these recipe i halved because i’m not looking to feed an entire family.

    Braised Short Ribs and Mashed Potatoes



    Short ribs are a pretty easy dish to do as long as you have a dutch oven and time. This short rib recipe works pretty well even if you don’t use pancetta, or thyme.


    Canned Apricots


    I’m always bugging friends with backyard gardens for any excess fruits or vegetables. This year Robin’s apricot tree was popping off dozen upon dozens of apricot so i rolled over there to pick up a grocery bag full of them. I kept the skin on and they do break down enough where you don’t realize they’re there when spreading it on toast.


    Carne Asada


    Some carne asada recipes require 20 ingredients but i think this recipe does it well enough with more of the basic spices and herbs that should be in your cupboard already.





    I picked up some branzino at the farmers market one weekend and tried out a recipe out of the Frenchie Cook book i had recently bought. It was the first time it basted a fish, and boy that butter oil can really splash on your hand a lot if you’re not careful about it. Too bad my vin jaune sauce didn’t come together and was just a oniony chunky relish instead of an actual sauce.



  • Golf

    Charity Scramble

    Monday afternoon i participated in my first charity golf scramble event for the New Hope Grief Charity group. On of our business partners John Matlock is a board member and invited me to come out for a good cause (and to do a little networking). The event was held at the Recreation Park Golf Course in Long Beach, a course i’m quite familiar with.


    This was the first time that i played in a scramble format which is a best ball format. Our team was comprised of myself, Matlock and two of his friends with a range of skills that worked out quite well in this format. I was a little nervous having to work as a team, but i’m glad my driving skills were turned on because i was crushing the ball, but my midrange game was lacking, and my close game was spotty. At the end of the day we ended up at a score of 4 under which was respectable but nowhere close to the 18 under winning score.


    The day was definitely different because we started on the 5th hole, where we could challenge a pro to get closest to the pin to win a prize. The next hole was sponsored by Bubba Gump offering ceviche, a Benz dealership offering a car for a hole in one, a massage therapist on another, and beer on the 1st hole.

  • Los Angeles Local

    Fleas and Friends


    Saturday afternoon we went out to La Palma to celebrate Dani’s 1st birthday. It was a nice day to be outside and enjoy some tacos and cake.


    We got to meet Jacob for the first time after being born just two month ago.

    Sunday we woke up early and headed out to do some shopping at the Pasadena City College Flea Market (every 1st Sunday of the month). I got to meet up with my old Disneyland co-worker Esme as she shopped for her Etsy store.


    Shopping under the shade of the parking structure is a luxury you can’t understand until you’ve walked up and down endless rows of hot asphalt. Alice got to enjoy getting out of the stroller and being strapped on as she cooed and stared at everything around her. I walked away with a trifle stand, a couple of metal trashbins and a old drink cart that i’m going to try to restore.