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    A Night of Fundraising

    As you know Jonathan is a founding member of Creativity Heals and WORK is one of the main sponsors, and so Saturday night they held the 4th Creativity Heals Fundraising event. This also meant it was our first time staying out later with Alice in tow.


    This year the event was held at LAB ART Los Angeles on La Brea, and had the usual assortment of art on auction, live performance art, and lots of people to interact with. The biggest piece of the night was a piece donated by Harry Shum of Glee, who also showed up that night to promote the fundraising. View all the pictures.



    We arrived early of course, which i think worked out because it gave Alice some time to get aquatinted with her new surroundings because she did great the whole night hanging out in the carrier. We even were able to enjoy a little wine, and food and even put some bid of some art pieces but unfortunately didn’t win. Alice put on a show anytime anyone noticed her, and happy throughout the night until 8:30 rolled around where she started to get tired, and fell asleep right before we got her picture drawn as a minion, although it probably turned out better that she did fall asleep.



  • Friends,  Restaurants

    Gen AYCE KBBQ & Frostbites



    One thing about playing basketball is that it makes you hungry, and my teammates love to eat. Saturday we met up to eat some KBBQ at GEN in Cerritos. It gets a little difficult to having to deal with a baby and try to cook on an open grill in the middle of the table, but we managed not to burn anyone. Thankfully the booths are nice and big, and service is pretty prompt so we were able to eat and keep the kids entertained. Alice got to meet her future basketball teammate Kaylen, and they interacted a little bit before both of them needed to eat and be separated.


    After lunch we headed to Frostbites for some italian custard and sorbet. Its a little heavy for my taste but still pretty refreshing on a hot day.