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    Captain America – The Winter Soldier

    Sunday evening we had an unexpected opportunity to get out when we visited Joy’s cousins and they were more than happy to watch Alice for us. We were a little hesitant but they insisted, so we went out to Burbank 16 to watch Captain America – The Winter Soldier. The last movie we were able to watch in theaters was The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug back in December, so being out by ourselves was a nice change of pace.

    To sum up the movie without giving anything away i thought it was the best Marvel Universe movie out so far. The plot held up on its own without necessarily watching any other Marvel movies, the characters and villains of the movies didn’t come out of left field, and the flow of the movie was consistent.

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    Connie and Ted’s & Ben

    Saturday night we went out to celebrate Ben’s 35th birthday out in West Hollywood at Connie and Ted’s. We originally were going to drop off Alice at my parents house, but then decided just to bring her along. We’ve learned that we can basically eat anywhere as long as we eat before 6:30, and it seems other people share the same thoughts because there were a few other kids there as well.

    Connie and Ted’s

    The Connie and Ted’s is a New England style seafood shack. The spot is much larger than what i imagined it to be with lots of seating inside and out. There is a nice variety of dishes that you can order, albeit not all that creative as its suppose to be a very comfort food oriented, which i guess means lots of butter in all the dishes. Everything well prepared, but in the end i felt that my lips were just glistening with butter.

    New England Seafood Boil
    Fried Calamari
    Lobster Roll
    Fish and Chips

    Glazed Donut Bistro

    For dessert we walked down the street for some fancy donuts at Glazed Donut Bistro. It reminded me of Blue Star Donut out in Portland. We ordered a blueberry & cardammon, tres leches, triple chocolate, and cinnamon & caramel donut to share.


  • Chapters


    I never intended to watch Dexter, but when your friend’s text message threads only consist of a show’s references its hard not to start it up. 5 days in, and i’ve finished season 1.

    I generally don’t get into dramas because of the time investment and continual show flow, but i guess when you’re doing it through Netflix it makes it a lot easier to power through. The other thing is that i was worried about the gore of the show, but in reality its probably less graphic as Game of Thrones is on a show by show basis.

    I’ve heard various accounts of how the show progresses and where to stop watching the show, but we’ll see how far i make it. At this rate i should be done in just a few weeks.

  • Friends


    Saturday we had our annual get together with Joy’s friends. Every get together now we either get news about a new pregnancy or the arrival of a new member and of course we had the opportunity to welcome another member to the group Jacob Le.


    Look at all the kids now ranging from 2 years old to 1 month. Alice isn’t the smallest of the bunch anymore, but still has plenty to eat to catch up to Dani (sitting in the very left in purple) who’s only four month older, but like 10 pounds bigger.


  • Chef'ing

    Thai Chili Salmon

     Thai Chili Salmon

    Last night we were debating between going out for dinner or staying in, and eventually while digging through the fridge i figured i could whip something up real quick (minus defrosting time).

    1. 2 pieces of Salmon, dry and lightly salt.
    2. In a bowl mix together about quarter cup of Sweet Chili Sauce, a couple splashes of Fish Sauce, chopped cilantro, and a dash or two of white pepper. (i’m really starting to measure like my mom).
    3. Heat up a frying pan with some oil, and once hot, place salmon in and don’t touch until the fish cooks up half way up the side. Flip the fish, then apply the sauce ontop of the cooked side.
    4. Cook until other half is cooked up the side, then flip and put rest of sauce onto that side.
    5. Serve with rice and your favorite vegetable. We had some Chinese Broccoli which we went dim sum style and topped with oyster sauce.


  • Artsy Fartsy

    A Night of Fundraising

    As you know Jonathan is a founding member of Creativity Heals and WORK is one of the main sponsors, and so Saturday night they held the 4th Creativity Heals Fundraising event. This also meant it was our first time staying out later with Alice in tow.


    This year the event was held at LAB ART Los Angeles on La Brea, and had the usual assortment of art on auction, live performance art, and lots of people to interact with. The biggest piece of the night was a piece donated by Harry Shum of Glee, who also showed up that night to promote the fundraising. View all the pictures.



    We arrived early of course, which i think worked out because it gave Alice some time to get aquatinted with her new surroundings because she did great the whole night hanging out in the carrier. We even were able to enjoy a little wine, and food and even put some bid of some art pieces but unfortunately didn’t win. Alice put on a show anytime anyone noticed her, and happy throughout the night until 8:30 rolled around where she started to get tired, and fell asleep right before we got her picture drawn as a minion, although it probably turned out better that she did fall asleep.



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    Gen AYCE KBBQ & Frostbites



    One thing about playing basketball is that it makes you hungry, and my teammates love to eat. Saturday we met up to eat some KBBQ at GEN in Cerritos. It gets a little difficult to having to deal with a baby and try to cook on an open grill in the middle of the table, but we managed not to burn anyone. Thankfully the booths are nice and big, and service is pretty prompt so we were able to eat and keep the kids entertained. Alice got to meet her future basketball teammate Kaylen, and they interacted a little bit before both of them needed to eat and be separated.


    After lunch we headed to Frostbites for some italian custard and sorbet. Its a little heavy for my taste but still pretty refreshing on a hot day.