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    Month of March

    Well the first quarter of the year is done, and i barely get around to updating my personal blog much anymore. Things are happening, but things are getting into such a routine that i don’t find much interesting enough to write about. I’ll try to remember some of the more semi-interesting things that happened this month. Friends We met up with friends on the weekends to eat as best as we could. Dinner at Sizzler with the Wangs. Dinner at Buca Di Beppo pre-baby with Tony & May Hanging out with Brock at Lyric’s 5th birthday party. Cougars With Alice around now, i decided to stop playing in my Whittier…

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    Spring is in the air

    Today may be the first day of spring, but i could’ve sworn it was Saturday. In the afternoon we went out to Brea for Quinn’s second birthday party at the Wildcatter Park. It was a hot weekend with the temperature reaching into the 90s. It was a good day for a birthday party, but a bad day for someone who’s got some allergies. I held up pretty well throughout the day, just needing to blow my nose, but by the time we got home i was ready to pass out, and pass out i did. Back at the party Alice got to hangout with all her aunties, uncles, and pals in the…

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    Jury Duty

    Last wednesday i was called in for Jury Duty once again. This was my fourth time being summoned and 3rd time to the Compton Courthouse, and was ready to serve if needed be. I showed up in the morning, went through morning roll call and went for an hour break. When we came back at 10am i was ready to head to a court room and sit through all the proceedings, but when it came time to be sent the clerks said all the courts filled out their jury and none of us were needed for the day. I’m 4 for 4 on not being on a jury.

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    5 Year Anniversary

    I can’t believe its been 5 years since our wedding in Hawaii. This 5th year has definitely been a different one. We started the year in our second trimester of Alice’s pregnancy. We did lots of eating and had a good trip to Portland for our babymoon. Our actual anniversary day happened to be the day that Joy went back to work after her maternity leave so we decided to leave it until the weekend to celebrate. In addition to that we went for lunch instead of dinner since its easier to deal with the kid. Fishing with Dynamite is the seafood sister restaurant to M.B. Post. I was excited…