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    20 Pushups

    This year instead of a yearly resolution i decided to go with monthly goals. I figured it forced me to make smaller challenges and its nice to be able to see things progress at a faster pace. For January i told myself that I had to get back to reading so i finished another zombie book, Day by Day Armageddon which was the second volume of a book i read a few years ago and a easy read. The second challenge was to do 20 push ups. I know its not much but i really got to work on my upper body strength somewhere. Next month i’m looking to hit…

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    Kids, kids and more kids

    The month of January has been a deluge of kid events. We celebrated Harrison’s 1st birthday at Brodard Chateau and picked the golf club for his Dol. We even got to do our first family portrait via caricature . We spent another weekend watching Joy’s nieces and nephew play in their basketball league in burbank. Everyone was ready for Alice to his the court next season.Last weekend we celebrated May and Tony’s future child coming into the world at the Park in Temple City. Alice was such a good girl and social butterfly talking away with everyone who held her. We’re sure in trouble when she gets older.

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    The Magic Castle

    The Magic Castle®, located at 7001 Franklin Avenue in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California, is a nightclub formagicians and magic enthusiasts, as well as the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. It bills itself as “the most unusual private club in the world.” A few months ago I was talking about wanting to go to The Magic Castle(TMC) with Tiffany, and she mentioned she could get us in if we wanted to go. Of course I said yes, but since at the time Joy was still pregnant, and it was out in Hollywood we needed a weekend reservation, which ended up being this past Sunday. Thankfully my mom said she could stay over and…