The NBA season really has sprung up on me this season and i barely even knew the preseason was going on. Its probably because i’ve already given up on the Lakers’ season and expect them to eventually trade Pau Gasol and just tank the rest of the season in hopes of drafting some kid named Andrew Wiggins.

My overall sense of the upcoming season is that it will be a revival of stars lost last year. Meaning that Derrick Rose, Kevin Love, and even Andrew Bynum come back to make a difference this year, but the stars currently hurt, Kobe, Rondo, wont make a difference to their teams overall success. I think that Miami can’t make it to finals four years in a row, and Kevin Durant can’t handle the loss of multiple players from the past few years.

NBA East Division Predictions:

  1. Chicago
  2. Miami
  3. Brooklyn
  4. Indiana
  5. New York
  6. Cleveland
  7. Atlanta
  8. Detroit

spursNBA West Division Predictions:

  1. San Antonio
  2. LA Clippers
  3. Oklahoma
  4. Golden State
  5. Houston
  6. Memphis
  7. Dallas
  8. Minnesota

droseNBA 2013-2014 Winners:

  • Champions: Chicago Bulls
  • MVP: Kevin Durant
  • Defense: LeBron James
  • 6th Man: Jarret Jack
  • Scoring Leader: Carmelo Anthony
  • Most Improved: Patrick Beverley
  • ROY: Victor Oladipo
  • COY: Doc Rivers
  • First Coach Fired: Tyrone Corbin