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    Reliving Paris – Papilles

    Last weekend I re-watached the 100th episode of No Reservation where Tony Bourdain along with Eric Ripert goes on a tour of the new Paris food scene. It made me really miss our time there last year, so I immediately hopped on to yelp to find a restaurant that has the same sensibility. I stumbled upon Papilles in Hollywood which serves a prix fixe menu that changes every other week and thought it would be perfect. I invited the Manichans to join us on Saturday night and we enjoyed a fun evening of stuffing our face with some really good bread, a little wine, and of course our food. Both couples…

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    Happy Sixty-Ninth Birthday

    Today is my dad’s 69th birthday and this weekend he celebrated with all his friends. At this point I think he has more friends than i do, and they all showed up to wish him a happy birthday. I got to partake in all the tasty Thai food, a slice of a Porto’s cake, and finally got to witness the parents rocking out to their karaoke.

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    Fantasy Football 2013

    My favorite time of the year for Football is back again, and its getting even more stressful than ever. I’m in a total of four different leagues once again, and the first draft of the season was for my long time, high school friends,  All VETO n NO TRADE league. Its our 9th year together and while i might have won the 1st year of the league, I haven’t been able to repeat that success since. 12 team league, 6pts for passing TD, and 1/3 point per reception $300 auction draft This year i put in a lot of time putting together my draft sheet, and a basic strategy for how much…

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    Maternity Photos

    The morning before Joy and I got back on a plane from Portland to Long Beach I booked a photographer to take some maternity photos for us. Originally I thought I would just do them, but after thinking about it I figured it was probably best that somebody else take care of it, and went with Colleen Sparks. It also helped that the she’s also was Aziz’s neighbor. It was beneficial since she was able to pick us up and bring us to Cathedral Park which sits underneath St. John’s Bridge which gives plenty of things to take pictures by. We spent about an hour shooting around the parks in…

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    9th Annual COC Golf Tournament

    There was much discussion this year about the 9th Annual COC Golf Tournament because i was spearheading the campaign to move it away from Palm Springs to the more temperate climate of San Diego. There was a moment where Brock made a convincing movement back to the desert but I decided that I can’t do the heat and i was happy we did head south. It was especially good since there were fires burning up the hills of Banning which would have made the air even worse. Friday the other guys took off around noon, while i had to finish up work before heading out to San Diego after traffic died…

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    Portland Food Scene

    We had lots of places on our list before heading up to Portland, but were only able to visit a couple due to being too full to eat, or too far to get to without a car at the moment. We initially thought of going to Pok Pok, but just couldn’t convince ourselves to spending a lot of money on Thai food. This is my list of my favorite places that we got to eat at. Breakfast Nuvrei Patisserie & Café Joy’s favorite place for breakfast each morning was at Nuvrei in the Pearl District. I really like their Bacon & Cheddar Biscuit sandwich with eggs, and bacon, and should’ve…

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    Portland Adjacent

    Sunday morning we woke up early and walked over to Dollar Rent a Car to pick up our rental. We saw all the Subaru Outbacks on the lot and thought it would be a good idea to try one out since we’re thinking of getting one for our next car. (It was a very fun car, but obviously not as fancy as our Acura) Our first plan for the day was to head 30 minutes east to Multnomah Falls. We got a handy guide from our rental office that there are actually many more falls than just Multnomah and you can take various trails to see them all. We couldn’t…

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    PDX, Rose City, Stumptown, Bridgetown

    Portland is known by many names and all have a distinct reasoning behind them, which makes Portland a mixture of different social groups. This creates a very unique town which has a mix of San Francisco, New York, and maybe even a little Paris. There’s even a term that people used “Keep Portland Weird” which is attributed to its intense following of bicycles, craft beers, recycling, and food carts. The first two days in Portland Joy and I kept close to the city center and explored where ever the TriMet would take us. We started off of course by grabbing some lunch at the various food carts setup near our…

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    Portland Babymoon

    For our last hurrah before the kid pops out, I decided to take Joy out to Portland since its pretty close, they’ve a good food scene, and its got a nice relaxed vibe to the place. I went there some eight or nine years ago and found the place quite relaxing so it was a good place to just take it easy and spend sometime with each other before all hell breaks loose. I bought some really cheap tickets on Jetblue a few months ago, but when we got to the Long Beach Airport we found out that i accidentally booked the opposite trip, meaning i booked a weekend in…

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    The Wolverine

    The Wolverine is the last of the summer super hero blockbuster movies. Visually this movie was very well done, but the story line was a bit lacking in my opinion. I can imagine that it would be difficult to follow if you haven’t watched a plethora of different movies considering that The Wolverine is not a sequel to X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009), but a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand (2006).   Spoilers from here on out   What did i like? I liked the actress/model that they casted to play Yukio (Rila Fukushima). She was actually able to stand on her own acting/fighting next to Hugh Jackman. What didn’t i like?…