• Friends

    Asian Street Food Night


    I’m pretty happy that we’ve been able to get to the 3rd dinner party for the Costa Mesa gang. The summer event was a Asian Street Food Night, which was a good mixture of food from all of our home countries. We gathered once again at Robin’s house which i dubbed the Sun Hawker Centre as all the foods stalls are called in Singapore.


    Joy made some Khao Mun Gai, and I ended up making some Luk Ching Ping (grilled meatballs). Robin’s sister and brother in-law made some Singaporean Laksa, Ben brought over some of his mom’s homemade Lumpia, Pork Belly Gua Bao from Robin, and Mango Sticky Rice from Andy and Jen. We finished it all off with some fresh made boba milk tea, and huge tub of coconut ice cream.

    gua-bao khao-mun-gai

  • Los Angeles Local

    Los Dodgers

    I always see people at Dodger games and always think that i should go to one again since the last time i went was back at my first trip to New York in 2004 where i saw them play the Mets at Shea Stadium. Friday night Janelle bought tickets to go to the Dodgers game and watch the fireworks afterwards.

    The thing is about baseball is that you’ll only really enjoy it if you actually like watching baseball. Its definitely not an event for the novice because the game will run for 3+ hours, with a lot of delay between any type of real action. I thought it would be best to arrive later in the game because i couldn’t see Noah and Naomie being able to sit still during an entire game.


    We started the evening by grabbing dinner at the Spice Table. We were happily enjoying our food until we checked out what inning they were in and it was already the 5th inning and they were down 15-0. He had to hurry up and pay to get to the Chavez Ravine before the gates close after the 7th inning. One thing good about arriving late is that we could basically park anywhere we wanted, but too bad we had no idea where to park in general.


    Once we arrived we had to run up and down the various stairs to figure out which will-call window was still open and finally found our seats as the 7th inning ended. The weather was really warm still so we were just sweating in our little seats and i enjoyed the two innings that we got to watch. While we wanted to watch the fireworks the hard little seats were killing Joy’s back so we took off early and watched the fireworks as we left the stadium.