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    6 Fast 6 Furious

    Memorial weekend is the start of the movie and it was going to be a 3 way battle for the opening salvo and Fast & Furious 6 ran away with it, leaving the Hangover 3, and Epic in its dust.  I as well threw in my own $24 taking my mom to see it on Friday evening. The best description that i could ever give was its a perfect Fast and the Furious movie.  I admit i probably drove a little faster on the highway afterwards so I would recommend to go see it, just leave the brain at home before you go.


    The story is a continuation of Fast 5 where at the closing credits you see surveillance pictures of Letty (Michelle Rodriquez) who supposedly died in Fast 4. It plays out like a classic soap opera plot where she doesn’t really die, but gets amnesia and is now rolling with highly technical  criminals not remembering her past. These criminals are racing around Europe stealing parts for a bomb whom Agent Hobbs (The Rock) is trying to capture. Him and his sidekick realize that the two of them (alone, why?) need a team of skilled drivers to capture a well organized military gang of thieves. Because finding drivers is exactly what you need to stop a criminal group with guns who are building a bomb.

    Hobbs using the photo of Letty to convince Dominic (Vin Diesel) to pull most of the gang from Fast 5 back together to help him stop in exchange for pardons so they can go back to living in the US again.

    Spoilers after the break.