Last Saturday i was planning on attending Jih & Liz’s baby shower with Joy, but what i didn’t realize it was a girls only party, and i don’t think i could have been any happier. The party was at Regional Park in Cerritos and since we were there already together it was the prefect time for Jih and I go out for my celebratory meal at Boiling Crab for winning his Fantasy Basketball League of Chumps league. It was my second year in the league made many moves that should’ve bit me in the ass, but somehow i ended still winning the league and a getting a free meal on Jih.

We got there about 12:30pm and it was the first time i didn’t have to wait to be seated. We ordered a pound of shrimp, oysters, and sausage and scarfed it all down an about an hour and walked out of there with our bellies full. The rest of the day was not pleasant for Joy as the garlicly butter mixture just sticks to your insides and every time you burp its like a gas bomb going off. Joy was not pleased.

boiling-crab-2 boiling-crab-1