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    Iron Man 3

    Friday night Joy really wanted to watch Iron Man 3, and i did my best looking for tickets online.  I wanted avoid standing in really long lines so i checked some of the nicer places where you can reserve seats but most were almost completely sold out. We resigned ourselves to catching it another night and went to watch G.I. Joe instead. When we got to the Rolling Hills AMC there weren’t that many there so we just decided to catch the next showing in 45 minutes.


    Joy really enjoyed the movie but i had some reservation about the storyline. Personally i thought the movie was visually very cool, and interesting enough to keep me entertained, but in the end i don’t feel any need to watch it again. The movie ends up feeling like a 1970’s made for TV movie.  It was pretty action packed from beginning to end (2 hours 10 minutes not counting previews) with not many slow parts for a pee break.

    Spoilers from here on out.