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    2013 Fantasy Baseball

    The spring is here and its time for baseball season to start again. 99% of the people that read my blog could care less about baseball, and in reality i could too, but i still love fantasy baseball. I’ve been playing since the early 2000s on a now defunct website called sandlot.com. Back then i didn’t know much about the individual players, but now i can probably name you the utility man sitting on the bench on any team.

    Bryce Harper, Washington Nationals

    Most people i know who do play fantasy sports play football which is more of a constant weekly obsession, fantasy baseball is much more of a marathon. Having your first, or second round pick completely bust due to injury or pure worthlessness often has little to do with you year end standing. Its a real marathon of a game that daily you have to monitor who’s gone to the DL, which prospects are being called up from the minors and pick which pitchers you’re going to start.

    Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay Rays

    Rotisserie Baseball is my favorite type of baseball league where you gain points based on a total accumulation of specific stats throughout the whole year, rather than a week by week scoring system like head-to-head.

    Jered Weaver, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    Last year was a complete failure for my keeper league (a league where you get to keep players from the following year) that i joined with my intern partner Hubert at Shaxon , but after much wheeling and dealing i did what all great managers should do, dump all the players that are performing well enough but aren’t worth keeping for as many studs as you can.

    I traded up and got a top 3 player, two CSULB alums, and a rising star to go along with my hold over Joey Votto.

    • Ryan Braun for Ryan Zimmerman, Shin-Soo Choo, and C.J. Wilson.
    • Evan Longoria (go beach!) and Bryce Harper for Mark Teixeira and Giancarlo Stanton
    • Jered Weaver (go beach!) for Ian Kinsler, Adam Jones, and Emilio Bonifacio

    I originally went into the draft looking to load up on pitching since i have a tendency to have a weak staff, and luckily found that the reigning AL Cy Young Winner David Price was available to me with the first pick. After that pick i through out my original strategy and went heavy on hitting. Overall i may need to work on my pitching staff once again but at least with two aces it should be a lot easier to deal with. The rest of my drafted as follows:

    1. Ryan Braun
    2. Joey Votto
    3. Evan Longoria
    4. Bryce Harper
    5. Jered Weaver
    6. David Price
    7. Brandon Phillips
    8. Freddie Freeman
    9. Jordan Zimmermann
    10. Victor Martinez
    11. Asdrubal Cabrera
    12. Josh Willingham
    13. Chase Headley
    14. Hiroki Kuroda
    15. Addison Reed
    16. Casey Janssen
    17. Adam Eaton
    18. Michael Morse
    19. Jayson Werth
    20. Bruce Rondon
    21. Josh Rutledge
    22. Bartolo Colon
    23. Brandon Beachy