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    Child Overload

    Kids are coming from everywhere! This weekend was a non-stop kid fest from Saturday morning until Sunday evening. Saturday we headed to La Mirada to attend Sariah’s 6th birthday. Its been a while since i’ve hung out the old neighborhood guys, and there we got to meet Jeff and Tina’s new kid Matthew and Madeline, along with Brian and Erika’s 3 kids, and of course Steve and Rachel’s Sariah and Koen.


    Sunday afternoon Jonathan said that he was exploring new parks so i told him to go to Heritage Park, but too bad the island was closed. Naomie had a good time on the playground and swings, but Noah wasn’t having it but he eventually cheered up once he got some popcorn into his stomach.

    benji-30daysIn the evening we went to Celine and Paul’s new baby Benji’s 1st 30 days celebration at Top Island Seafood in Alhambra. I actually didn’t know it was going to be a banquet dinner but was totally happy when all the food started coming out. It was another big gathering of friends with children, and Joy and I are now one of the last to have a kid. Crazy how fast that changes, considering we were one of the first to get married.


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    On the run

    Without motivation i’m just a lump on the couch. I decided early in the year that i was going to run a 5k and a 10k and some how ended up skipping the 5k and going straight to the Redondo Beach Superbowl 10k. With only a month to train i was pretty hesitant after i sent in my money but its been a decent amount of time to train. Last night we did probably our longest mid-week run and went 4 straight miles in about 40 minutes. Thats probably the longest run i’ll do before next week’s race but i feel pretty confident as long as it doesn’t rain.


    Incidentally this week I got an e-mail from Disney stating that for the Labor Day Weekend Halfathon, they also added a 10k and 5k to the list of available runs. When i ran the Halfathon six years ago, the best part of the race was the first three miles where we got to run through the park before heading out to Anaheim, so i figured we get the best part of the race without all the fluff at the end. Nina also signed up for the 5k and the Diaper Dash for crawlers for Kaylee. It should be a fun weekend.

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    Yelp Elite Gold

    Its been 5 years since i joined yelp.com and 550+ reviews later and i’m a Yelp Elite Gold Member now. I’ve slowed down quite a bit since i started, partly because i’m eating at fewer new places and that i like to think about what i’m writing about a little more.

    My overall opinion of the social review site is that at its core its still a super useful tool and i still use it on a regular basis to find places to eat and go. I do judge their star rating with slightly less immediate reaction and go more on the actual text written within the reviews. The more i dig into reviews i’ve found that most negative reviews tend to focus on very specific incidents that may or may not happen on random visit to a restaurant. Whether the host is rude, table reservation wait times are off, miscommunication with the waitstaff or a certain level unsaid expectations that were not met.

    I start any search by looking at the most negative reviews and see if it was just a bad day for the establishment or if its truly a bad place to go. I then focus in on keywords when judging the facts that shouldn’t really change on random visits; menu items, costs, quality ingredients and all based on what type of establishment it is. Basically you shouldn’t expect table service at a fast food joint, you should expect slower food delivery in fine dining, and don’t let one person’s bad experience affect your decision on where to eat … that is unless it is a trend in multiple reviews.

    yelp-menuTuesday night i went to my first Yelp Elite Gold Event down in Huntington Beach, but without Joy since there were no +1 for this specific event. It was a long hour and half drive down to OC but it was like all typical elite events with an introduction of the food and drinks being served by the host restaurant and just a free for all once the food starts coming. I met a couple interesting people and left with a couple wine openers, a cupcake and a pocket full of Chapstick.


  • Disneyland,  Friends

    Disney Double Feature


    Joy and I are now in the minority of those who have and do not have kids. Lucky for our friends with kids is that we’re Disneyland experts and we’ve got free hands to help out. Saturday afternoon Joy’s friends Emily and Thao decided to get annual passes now that their little ones are old enough to be out and about for a few hours a day now. Zoe and Quinn got their first taste of Disneyland and the last showing of the Holiday it’s a small world ride before it gets converted back to the original ride. I had dinner plans so after the ride i met up with Thomas and went to dinner with the guys.



    Sunday Jonathan texted me in the morning for some co-dad help with bringing Noah and Naomie to Disneyland while Janelle studied for her MCATs. It was a chilly morning but we all bundled up and had a good time. We let the kids decide what rides they wanted to go on and just made a route accordingly to those rides.



    I’m glad that Naomie warmed up to us and wasn’t clingly to papa wang and actually rode with Joy and I on most of the rides. She even scored quite well on the Buzz Lightyear’s AstroBlasters for not actually pointing the gun anywhere and just kept pulling the trigger the entire time. Half way through the ride i actually pointed out that she had scored more points than Joy, and thats when Joy really put in her concentration on the game.

  • Fantasy Sports

    The end of Fantasy Football 2012

    The Fantasy Football season has come to an end and in the two leagues that count, i came in third in my high school league (The All VETO n NO TRADE League)  and missed the playoffs in my food bloggers league.

    As far as the The All VETO n NO TRADE League went, it was an interesting season and i’m pretty happy that i made a mid-season trade to get Calvin Johnson and Darren Sproles for Alfred Morris, WIllis McGahee, and DeSean Jackson, but i really needed an elite wide receiver to go along my depth of running backs (Forte, Charles), but the MVP of my team was Drew Brees who scored the most points in the league, and always scored when it counted.