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    Year in Review 2012

    Best Movie It doesn’t really compare when there are five movies made prior to one specific movie to be made that it wont come out on top. I’m of course talking about The Avengers. Throw in the addition to the cast that played Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Thor, you throw in Scarlett Johansson, and Samuel L. Jackson you’ve got a guaranteed money maker. The funny thing was by the end of the movie the guy who you end up rooting for is Agent Phil Coulson. Runner Ups: The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Best TV Show Th TV show that i remember most wasn’t really…

  • Friends

    From Elementary School to Wedding

    Five years ago I got to reunite with my old elementary school friend Toshiaki when he came to the states on holiday and this weekend he came back, but this time he brought a whole posse with him. Not for any small occasion but for his own wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Dana Point. He recently got transfered from Honda Japan to Honda Brazil and decided it was time to take a plunge with his long time girlfriend kanai (whom i’ve never met before). I was lucky enough to get together with him a few nights before his wedding to catch up since i knew he would be too busy the…

  • Family

    Silent Night

    Joy and I spent Christmas Day by ourselves after the long day before at Disneyland. We reached out to friends about getting dim sum but without anyone able to meet up with drove out to Arcadia for some Xiao Long Baos at Din Tai Fung. We weren’t the only ones thinking that as we were faced with an hour and half wait for a table and we braved out the hunger until we got seated. We feasted on a bunch of soup dumplings, fried rice and chicken soup and it was well worth it. After lunch i needed to walk off some of the food and decided to check out…

  • Disneyland,  Family

    Family Disney Christmas Time

    Christmas time in my family usually doesn’t involve much, but this year we decided with a new family member in Kaylee Jane it was time to start a new tradition of going to Disneyland on Christmas Eve. From my days at working at the park i knew that it was actually the best day to do go during the two weeks between Christmas and New Years. There was rain in the forecast but we bundled up, brought the rain shield for the stroller and headed out early in the morning. We started off at Disney’s California Adventure so that Nina could see the new Carsland and ride on the Radiator Springs…

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    More Holiday Parties

    Saturday Joy and I headed over to her friend Thao’s house for their annual Christmas Party. They’ve got a friend Tom who’s a chef at Cheesecake Factory and has cooked up a feast last year, and he was back again to go over the top once again. There were vases of slab bacon, trays of blue crab rolls, and a huge spread of food to fill everyone up. We baked up our first perfect batch of macarons for the party and filled them with an Earl Gray Tea Ganache which was delicious. Expecting people to stay late they even ordered large pots of bun bo hue which were left in the…

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    Babes in Toyland! Holiday Party & Fundraiser!

    After a one year hiatus the Raytheon Christmas party was back with a vengeance and a cause. The theme for the party was Babes in Toyland! Holiday Party & Fundraiser! and was held at the Shark’s Cove in Manhattan Beach. It was a double duty party which also raised a bunch of gifts for Toys for Tots and $300 for Hurricane Sandy Relief. The girls did their little dance routine, and of course the highlight of the party is always the White Elephant Gift Exchange with brought in close to 50 gifts. The highlights of the gifts were a Christmas Vest,  Mmmm (kevin) bacon! T Shirt, Male Urinal and of course the every so popular Stir…

  • Fastfood Diary

    Your Old Friend is Back

    For the past two weeks, every time i’ve passed by a McDonalds i’ve looked to see if the McRib was back yet. Sunday late morning Joy and I drove-thru a McDonald to pick up some coffee, and right before i ordered Joy said, hey look McRib was back, and my mind did a complete flip inside out. Immediately i ordered three (1 for me, 1 for joy, and 1 for jonathan) and forgot about the coffee. Today must have been the first advertising push by McDonalds because my cousin texted me letting me know, and Tbang let it be known on twitter. I have the best friends in the world.

  • Artsy Fartsy

    Completed DIY Project

    Sunday afternoon I finally had time to go back to Jonathan’s house to finish  up building my new buffet table. We ran into a few problems with putting on the legs since i didn’t realize how inconsistent the hole placements were on the legs and had to compromise with the placement, but overall it came together pretty well. I finished it off with a semi-gloss spray paint to give it a smoother finish and protect it slightly from water.

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    1000s of Instagrams

    Thursday night Joy and I went to Happy Hour for the first time since the spring and went back to Copa d’ Oro in Santa Monica for their $5 drinks. Unbeknownst to me was that i also made my 1000ths Instagram Photo. Also i’m still on pace for my 365 photos for the year with only a few weeks left to finally accomplish my goal. I’m still not big on tagging my photos like some people do, but i have started tagging a few which i think are funny or actually look good. These are some of my favorite recent photos or you can see ALL of my photos on my Instagram page…

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    Let the Holiday Parties Begin!

    December weekends get filled up so fast with various holiday parties i had to book my very own the first weekend of December. Its one of those sad realizations during the year when you notice that you haven’t seen certain people for an entire year and so it was time to get together with the old Costa Mesa Roommates for a feast. With a few new additions and another on its way we had to have it at Robin’s spacious recently completed house. I asked everyone to bring something to eat and i’m so proud that everyone actually cooked something and the only thing store bought were the crescent rolls. (which i…