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    Custom Built Buffet Table

    An important aspect of social media that i find that most people don’t realize is that there’s so much information and inspiration that can really get you to learn new things. I might use Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram mainly for food eating, but from a few friends (@ravenouscouple  @lesdothis) i’ve learned a few things about construction, design, and execution. So the day after Thanksgiving i took a shot at making my own buffet table for my dining area. I might have spent $100 dollars at Home Depot in the process, but if i have had all the tools already the table top would’ve only cost me $18. I ordered some legs…

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    Gobble Gobble

    Thanksgiving morning i work up at 6:30am as per my usual weekday schedule and left my 6:45am alarm on that work up Joy. Since we were both up, I called him up and took him to Disneyland to make use of our Premium Pass. It was busier than i expected but still got on to Radiator Springs Racers, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Soaring over California in three hours. Once back home it was full speed ahead on cooking for the night’s dinner at Joy’s cousin’s house. I ended up making Porchetta since i’ve been thinking about making it ever since leaving Italy. Joy made some Pecan Candied Sweet…

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    Baby Weekend

    I really had no idea that my weekend was going to be just a event after event of babies. Saturday morning we had to attend Emily’s Zoe’s 1st baby at the park. After that party we headed over to see Jennifer and Jeremy’s newborn Miles who had just come the hospital a few days before. Sunday was CJ and Song’s 1st baby shower at Thainakorn. It was fun to hangout with my basketball friends away from the courts for once.

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    Vegas Birthdays

    Early in October Jonathan asked if i could go to Vegas for his birthday (and to celebrate Thomas and mine) on the first weekend of November but with Shelly’s wedding that weekend i had to decline. Towards the end of the month we talked again and Janelle said i could just go Friday and fly back on Saturday and with a little thought i figured it was totally possible. So i logged on to Spirit Air and got myself a $38 flight from LAS to LAX. Friday morning Jonathan picked me up and we headed out to Vegas and got there in a quick 4 hours and met up with…

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    Wedding Streak

    I thought i was done with weddings last year but i guess you continuously make friends from all corners  in your life and i’m thankful i can still make friends as i get older. Once we got back from Europe it was a nonstop wedding month with weddings three weeks in a row. The first one was for my accountant/friend Sung at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange which i’ve always seen going to the block or driving down the 5 freeway but never stepped foot in. Its a grand church with a huge pipe organ walls that open up to the outside, and fountains shoot up that can be controlled for…