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    Custom Built Buffet Table

    An important aspect of social media that i find that most people don’t realize is that there’s so much information and inspiration that can really get you to learn new things. I might use Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram mainly for food eating, but from a few friends (@ravenouscouple  @lesdothis) i’ve learned a few things about construction, design, and execution. So the day after Thanksgiving i took a shot at making my own buffet table for my dining area. I might have spent $100 dollars at Home Depot in the process, but if i have had all the tools already the table top would’ve only cost me $18. I ordered some legs on hairpinlegsforless.com which is the bulk of the cost of the table, but its made out of really high quality wood, and still is only about 10% of the tables from Crate and Barrel.

    The measurements were basically made on the fly at Home Depot after looking at the different lengths available and so i picked up a 10′ long 2″ thick piece of premium douglas wood and had the worker cut me two 4′ long pieces and three 8″ pieces and made a double shelf table which will give me additional storage space. I really should’ve had them even out the three pieces but didn’t so ended up with only two pieces were even enough to use as side pieces. Good thing the wood is so strong i have no doubt that it’ll hold up ao anything i have to throw at it.

    Getting back to Jonathan’s house we setup a work station behind the house and started off by sanding each piece of wood down to a smooth surface then moved on to staining in with a black oil stain which really brought out the really cool wood grain of each piece. Thats as far as we got as it needed a day to dry and probably needs to be sanded down on more time and re-stained before the legs arrive later next week.

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    Gobble Gobble

    Thanksgiving morning i work up at 6:30am as per my usual weekday schedule and left my 6:45am alarm on that work up Joy. Since we were both up, I called him up and took him to Disneyland to make use of our Premium Pass. It was busier than i expected but still got on to Radiator Springs Racers, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Soaring over California in three hours.

    Once back home it was full speed ahead on cooking for the night’s dinner at Joy’s cousin’s house. I ended up making Porchetta since i’ve been thinking about making it ever since leaving Italy. Joy made some Pecan Candied Sweet Potatoes. We finished up at 4:30 and rushed up to North Hollywood where everyone was waiting for us before eating.

    Pat and company filled out the rest of the table with a Turkey, Costco Ham, Cheesy Potatoes, and green beans.

    For dessert we celebrate two of the kid’s birthday with an ice cream cake and we were all done by 7pm. It was a long day and very fulfilling.

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    Baby Weekend

    I really had no idea that my weekend was going to be just a event after event of babies. Saturday morning we had to attend Emily’s Zoe’s 1st baby at the park.

    After that party we headed over to see Jennifer and Jeremy’s newborn Miles who had just come the hospital a few days before.

    Sunday was CJ and Song’s 1st baby shower at Thainakorn. It was fun to hangout with my basketball friends away from the courts for once.

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    Vegas Birthdays

    Early in October Jonathan asked if i could go to Vegas for his birthday (and to celebrate Thomas and mine) on the first weekend of November but with Shelly’s wedding that weekend i had to decline. Towards the end of the month we talked again and Janelle said i could just go Friday and fly back on Saturday and with a little thought i figured it was totally possible. So i logged on to Spirit Air and got myself a $38 flight from LAS to LAX.

    Friday morning Jonathan picked me up and we headed out to Vegas and got there in a quick 4 hours and met up with Thomas who moved out there in September. We basically had a quick lunch and headed back to the Palms to check-in and to start drinking and relaxing. We finished our bottle of whiskey in an hour and half and were good to go. We hopped on a free shuttle from the Palms to Caesar’s Palace and went to try the new Bacchanal Buffet.

    I’ve heard stories of two hour waits to get into the buffet so I had us get there around 5 and found a normal sized line and expected to wait a while still but 15 minutes later we were seated and off to the races. The seafood section was quite impressive with lots Crab legs, freshly chucked oysters, steam mussels, oyster shooters, and lots of other seafood items. The rest of the buffet seemed pretty standard and includes a noodle soup section, lots of charcuterie, and some bland prime rib. Four plates done, and lot of desserts later we were done and headed back to the hotel to take a nap.

    We woke up a few hours later headed out to drink more and ended up at the Ghost Bar at the end of the night where we hung out until 2am. To finish off the night Jonathan wanted to get a 20 piece nuggets and watch Lost back in the room.

    Saturday morning after breakfast it was time to relax so we met up again in Chinatown to get a foot massage. Its not as cheap as the ones in LA but still just as good. This was probably the first time i didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it. Once we were done we had to race to the airport so i could catch my flight, and so Jonathan could pick up Nelson who was staying for just Saturday night.

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    Wedding Streak

    I thought i was done with weddings last year but i guess you continuously make friends from all corners  in your life and i’m thankful i can still make friends as i get older. Once we got back from Europe it was a nonstop wedding month with weddings three weeks in a row.

    The first one was for my accountant/friend Sung at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange which i’ve always seen going to the block or driving down the 5 freeway but never stepped foot in. Its a grand church with a huge pipe organ walls that open up to the outside, and fountains shoot up that can be controlled for effect. It was a dry wedding so it was a very peaceful wedding with a dinner in the courtyard and lots of Korean food to feast on.

    The following week was Joy’s ex-coworker at College Hospital Kathleen and Alex who we’ve hung out a few times and took a trip to Vegas with too. Their wedding was a step up in terms of production level because Filipinos know how to throw a party. The reception was out in San Dimas so i wasn’t really planning on drinking much but Joy’s other coworkers are a fun bunch at we threw back a few drinks and had a really good time. Thankfully i came to my senses the day before and booked a hotel room at the nearby Sheraton Onatario so we didn’t have to drive an hour home.

    The last wedding of the bunch was the most important with it being Joy’s last college girlfriend Shelly to get wed. This was the biggest, most organized of the bunch with of course with the most people that we knew. The wedding was extra interesting with me arriving back from Las Vegas in the afternoon and heading straight the reception. It was an all night affair and at the end of the night having a Burger Truck dishing out hot burgers and fries helped everyone sober up.