I typically don’t make it a point to watch football on Sundays, but if i’ve got a free morning there’s nothing better than waking up, making a cup of coffee and lounging on the couch watching fantasy analysis on which players are in and who are out, and making last minute adjustments to my fantasy teams.

This Sunday Joy had a Seminar to go to so i had the morning to myself on the couch so turned on ESPN, and logged onto the Yahoo! fantasy chat to check out the days events. Once the clock hit 10am the rosters got locked in and i was ready to watch some football. Too bad the only two games on basic TV was the Raiders vs. Dolphins and Giants vs. Bucs, and of course the four teams which i had no players on.

For lunch i headed over to my cousin Pish’s house since his parents were in town and for some reason i had a feeling he would have something better to watch, and of course he did, NFL Red Zone. I promptly sat right in front of the TV eating lunch on the kiddie table while having conversations with people all around me, but with my eyes transfixed of the madness that NFL Red Zone brings. Every second there’s a game changing play being broadcasts and lots of cheering and yelling for certain players to score. Alas it was another disappointing Sunday with none of my players (except Brees) scoring a TD and today i sit with a small lead against my opponent. Looks like i’m going 0-2 to start the season.