• Annual COC Golf Tournament,  Golf

    8th Annual COC Golf Tournament

    The 8th Annual COC Golf Tournament occurred this past weekend, back once again for another 36 holes of golf at the La Quinta Resort & Club.  We avoided having to rush there Saturday morning by spending the night, which meant an extra night of hanging out and drinking which probably wasn’t the best idea for myself, but it did create some memorable non-golf moments for the weekend.

    We booked a tee time at the Greg Norman course on Saturday morning and the Jack Nicklaus on Sunday.  We were lucky enough to escape the 110+ degree weather from the previous weeks, but the temperature was still in the low triple digits. The two courses are on the same property, and are completely different in terms of features but share the uncanny ability to make balls to disappear. The Norman course has lots of desert with these bushes that will just eat balls, while the Nicklaus course has some unkept rough that will send your ball into the abyss even if you have an idea of where your ball should be. Shooting under 100 was basically out of the question if you couldn’t stay in the fairway but you only had to be one less than the other guys.

    I wasn’t particularly great on Saturday after a night of drinking and the heat really started to get to me and by the end of the 9th hole i just wanted to go back to the hotel, head to the pool and just relax. Needless to say i was out of the running for the trophy by the end of day 1.

    The prize for winning day 1 was getting your food and drinks paid for the night and Brock won that in a putt off with Roland since they tied for the day. Brock did his best to drink as much Grey Goose as possible and actually played pretty well the next day.

    The day started off pretty well for Brock, but unfortunately he got caught in a bunker and carded a 10 and left any chance for his first championship on the table for anyone to take. I did my best to come back from starting the day 12 back, and i got four pars for the day, but it was just insurmountable. Roland and Brian traded strokes for the rest of the day, and going into the 36th hole Roland took a two stroke lead and used the extra strokes to take home the trophy for the second time in eight years. Once again Brock went home to a disappointed wife.

  • Disneyland

    Baby Birthday

    Monday is officially Naomie Wang’s 2nd birthday but her parents decided to go to Disneyland on Friday to celebrate. Most of our friends have annual passes so it had to be inevitable that the Wangs bought them too so it worked out for everyone. The Wangs picked me up in the morning and drove me out there so i could use my free parking and also so that Brock could pick me up for golf later in the day.

    The day happened as i expected by having to stand in the loooong line for Radiator Springs Racers, then taking our time to gather together everyone to eat lunch, and afterwards the girls went on the Little Mermaid ride while the boys played in the water fountain. Before you knew it, the time was 3:00pm and it was time for me to leave.

    With so many little ones (5) things just don’t happen as quickly as i’m used to doing but i didn’t care since i go to Disneyland all the time anyways. I’m learning a lot of the strollers, packing and planning involved with living with children and there are plenty of notes that i need to write myself before i have one of my own.

  • Restaurants

    In the Killing Zone

    No it wasn’t because of Hunger Games, and no it wasn’t because of Brave, … no it was actually because of some of the zombie books that i’ve read that really got me interested in taking archery lessons. Guns are the obvious choice, but bullets run out, and its not like you can make anymore yourself, and there is a possibility of being able to reuse arrows as long as you’re not facing a crowd of zombies.

    Years ago when i went to Utah with a friend i shot a couple hand guns and thought how horrible guns were. They were so loud, mechanical, and just not very fun to shoot. I found that archery was the exact opposite on all accounts. The sound of the of the arrow hitting the target gives off a satisfying thump, the skill of holding, pulling and releasing an arrow translates to multiple muscles to coordinate with each other to work together.

    The class that i took was pretty interesting considering the facts that its run entirely by volunteers and is a first come first serve registration. There are only 24 spots every saturday morning for an 11am class. The first hour is being taught verbally what the bow is and how to setup and and use it, and the dangers of the arrows. The second hour is getting a 5 minute one-on-one instructions shooting the bow with an instructor. Then lastly you learn the range’s proper technique on how to retrieve your arrows in a group setting. It ends up being a 3 hour process and compared to what they charge for a personal lesson ($40/person) its worth it. All the equipment is free to borrow, and once you take the training class once you can come back any time and use the facilities for free. Just remember to throw a couple bucks in the donation bowl to show your support.

    Ben took the class earlier this summer and he found out for 11am class that you have to show up before 7am to grab a form or else you’ll be SOL if you show up any later. So I got there at 6:45 and was already the 8th in line. By 7:15 there were probably 30 people there and some were really annoyed that there was a possibility that they wouldn’t get into the class. The first instructor showed up around 7:45 and passed out the forms and told everyone else the bad news to come earlier if they want to get into next week’s course.

    With three hours to kill before the class Ben and I went to breakfast at Food. Its a cute store that serves breakfast and lunch. Ben raved about their pancakes but i wanted something savory so i opted for their breakfast sandwich which was crispy, gooey, and salty.

  • Movies

    Forgettable Recall

    The thing that amazes me is that the original Total Recall came out in 1990, and i’ve watched it probably 20 times, and to this day i still don’t understand the movie. Was he, or wasn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger a spy or not, or a double agent? There was the mystery of mars, and the mutants that lived there and i enjoyed the campyness of the whole story line.

    With the 2012 release of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell i was hoping for more of the same but when i left i was pretty much bored. The concept of the movie was the same with a guy who feels like he should be living a life that isn’t him and the world comes crashing down after visiting Rekall, but unfortunately it became less of a suspense/mystery movie into, a white version of iRobot. I fell asleep half way into the movie, and so did Ben. I would normally blame the beers i had before the movie, but really it just couldn’t keep my attention. The plot was weak, acting was ok, and the only thing going for it were the women in the movie.

    Kate Beckinsale has worked out a pretty nice career playing the hot girl that can kick ass, while Jessica Biel is pretty enough and has a body which makes you believe that she could half way pull off the stunts in the movie. Of course the scene that i remember most of the first movie was the hooker with three boobs, and ever since comic-con i knew there would a repeat appearance of the same character but really it was such a waste. It felt like she was put in there because everyone expected her to be in it, and had zero point in the scene.

    It’ll be another movie you’ll eventually see every saturday afternoon, but i’ll probably skip it then too.

  • Artsy Fartsy

    Pixar in Concert

    This year’s Annual Summer Hollywood Bowl Event was Pixar in Concert. Initially i wasn’t sure if i would even recognize the songs since those don’t necessarily have scores as strong as say Star Wars but figured i would get most of them. I was wrong, all the songs were very memorable once they started playing. The concert was 2 hours long and hit every movie at least once, and while some weren’t as powerful (cars 2, toy story 2, wall-e), others almost brought a tear to my eyes (up, toy story 3), and others were just plain fun to listen to (ratatouille, incredibles).

    As a first also this year it we decided to take the shuttle from Torrance instead of driving ourselves there. With the amount of wine we usually drink, and the traffic that always occurs on the 101 it was worth the $5/person to do it. It takes a little more planning in the beginning but the return trip was so worth it. You don’t have to walk down the hill to Hollywood and Highland, or get stuck in one of those stacked parking lots, and having to deal with the hour drive home. The shuttles are just at the bottom of the Hollywood Bowl and have direct access to the freeway so its a quick ride home.

  • Artsy Fartsy

    Avenue Q

    Every week we drive pass the Redondo Beach Theater on the way to the Beach, and for the past few months i’ve seen advertisements for Avenue Q, but unfortunately the website is in Flash so i could never look it up on the phone to check it out. I can imagine why they they would have trouble selling tickets, but wouldn’t you know that discount tickets started showing up on LivingSocial.com.

    If you don’t know what the show is, its basically an adult version of Sesame Street. With puppets and live actors interacting with each other in a musical manner. There are very much adult theme songs like If You Were Gay, or The Internet Is For Porn. I didn’t actually know what it would be like, but it still wasn’t what i expected. Still it was funny enough, but for once Joy started to fall asleep so at intermission we decided to go home and home only being 5 miles away was nice. Joy had been fighting a sinus headache from the previous day so it was best not to have her suffer through another hour in the dark.

  • Friends,  Restaurants

    The Juniors

    With so many friends having kids in tow, i’ve been spending a lot of time with the under 4 foot crowd. Sunday afternoon Joy and I went on our morning run at the beach to work off the buffet dinner from the night before. Afterwards i wanted to check out Jonathan’s new fence and dropped by their house. Janelle had to go study so Jonathan spent the rest of the afternoon with us going to Thai Lai for some Pho. The day was nice and hot so we invited them over to our place to take a dip in the pool. While Noah is still pretty hesitant about getting his head in (like me), Namoie is straight plain crazy. Naomie has no problem standing on the side of the poll and just stepping in without anyone really paying attention to her. Its not even like she knows how to swim, and even just sinks to the bottom of the pool. You really had to keep your eyes on her.

    After pool time i invited them in for some Ice Cream and to watch Duck Tales that i recently picked up from Costco. Noah loved it, and Jonathan spent the free time taking a nap.

    In the evening I had my basketball game and Joy had to celebrate her friend getting into Pharmacy school so she dropped me off and i got a ride to the restaurant by a teammate. Unfortunately i misheard which restaurant they went to and ended up at coconut bay, instead of banana bay. Fortunately i had learned about a shave “snow” place called Class 302 by a couple different friends and it ended up being across the street.

    Joy and a few of her friends came by and we feasted upon huge bowls of shaved ice with strawberries, and another green tea one with red beans. Of course there was a little one with them, and the funny thing is that she doesn’t really like eating anything other than rice and the picture below is her “i don’t want to eat it” face.