• Disneyland

    Glow with the Show

    A few weeks ago when my parents went to California Adventures they got a note from on of the FastPass machines telling them to register for a Glow with the Show event for annual pass holders. Initially we had no idea what it was all about, but after a little googling we found out its all about their new light up ears.  These new Mickey ears light up to different colors and at specific shows will sync together to create a show all on their own. We got there before 10:30pm and wait for about an hour in the back of the park until the last World of Color show finished…

  • Disneyland

    Morning drive to Cars Land

    I’m sure not a kid anymore. Waking up before 6:30am for a trip to Disneyland used to be the easiest thing to do as a kid. Now i’m thinking of excuses to keep me in bed. None the less, with our early entry pass to California Adventures we got to check out Cars Land before the crowds got into the park. And just as a warning don’t watch the videos if you don’t want to know how the rides are. The new Land is really well done and it makes you feel like you stepped into the movie. From Mater’s Junk Yard to Flo’s v8 cafe, all the little details…

  • Disneyland

    Mad T Paaaarty

    The party continues at California Adventures even with the closure of elecTRONica with the new fun of the Mad T Party. Gone is the techno music and in with the rock music. A big stage replaces the circle DJ booth, and a high pitched Mad Hatter and pretty cute Punk Rock Alice take stage for some classic white people music (Bon Jovi), and a few modern hits too. Its pretty strange to see long lines at the alcohol booths and kids on shoulder right up against the stage. Another stage area occupies the opposite side fo the backlot and Flynn’s Arcade also changed to a Alice and Wonderland themed games.  

  • Chapters

    Vegas, Vegas

    The one thing we knew that we were going to do when Joy’s parents came back from Thailand was go to Las Vegas. We just happened to decide to go this pass weekend because we didn’t want to wait for fear of the weather being too unbearable, but i’m not sure if going in 105° was any better. I rented a van through hotwire.com and ended up getting Hertz (which sucked) but nevertheless was fine. We picked up my parents on Saturday morning and made it up to Vegas in little over 4 hours even with two pitstops in Barstow, and the border. We started off getting some Asian BBQ…