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    I’m an Uncle

    For the past week my mom has been in San Francisco waiting for my sister to pop. Days went by, and the only updates that i got were of them going out to eat, walking the dog, and napping. The arrival day passed and it seemed like Kumquat (Kaylee Jane) was never going to come. It all changed when i got a text from my mom at 4:30am on Friday saying that she was coming and they were going to the hospital. Eventually i woke up and headed to work with updates like:

    6:34am Nina: Dude, this suuuuuuuuuucks.

    8:54 Mom: She ok, in pain every 2 min

    10:26 Mom: Almost

    1:48: Nina: That suuuuuuucked. So glad its over.

    2:09 Mom: Hello uncle 🙂

    I was glad to hear when it was all over and everyone was doing fine. It was a pretty tense morning at work with every time my phone made a noise i was looking for an update. If was this tense, i’m not sure how i’m going to be when its my turn to be sitting bed side. Joy and I are headed up to San Francisco the first weekend of May to physically meet the new family member, but with technology today we already spent time with them via video chat at the hospital and Facetime when they were home. Those are the moments when you can really appreciate technology.

    Pirate Eye Janie


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    Flying High Birthday

    Ben messaged me a few weeks ago about a new Trampoline Gym that opened up in Gardena, and so he decided to have his birthday party there on Saturday. Sky Zone is a warehouse full of trampolines broken off into a general bounce area, a couple basketball rims, a few dodgeball courts, and a foam pit.

    Just bouncing can really tire you out, and the height that you can get can get a little harrowing.  The fun part was going to the foam pit where we got to actually try out some stunts like front flips and back flips. The Front flip was the easiest of the two and i still don’t think i have the Back Flip down. Here the progression of Ben and my attempts.

    Even Joy and Tiffany got into the swing of things.

  • Disneyland

    Easter Premium

    Easter always seems to sneak up on me and ruins any plans i have for the day because it has to be the weirdest day that everything is closed. I guess i would really have to be Christian to understand what the big deal is about Easter, considering the only thing i know about it is that people go to church, paint and hide eggs, and eat. Any plans for going to Home Depot or to the mall to buy some shoes were tossed out the window so of course there was only one thing to do.

    At least we got to take the real advantage of the Disneyland Premium Pass by going on the least busy day of the spring. Joy and I picked up my parents and drove down to Anaheim to find the park about half as busy as any normal Sunday and were able to get on all the big rides in only 4 hours. We even started the day by getting a corn dog for lunch, then proceeded to get on Thunder Mountain (15 min wait), Splash Mountain (60 min wait, it was hot), Space mountain (25 min wait), Toy Story (5 min wait) and Indiana Jones (Fast Pass).

    For our Easter dinner we drove south to Thai Nakorn for some spicy food to warm the belly, and i was home by 7.

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    Hollywood 5K

    The past week Joy and I have been fighting off a cold and the Hollywood 5K loomed over us with the weekend fast approaching. Everyday was different from just skipping to walking it, but we eventually just decided to go and see what we could do. In hindsight maybe we should’ve skipped it, but not because of our physical condition.

    The race packet pickup happened to be on Friday and so the first test was seeing if we could make it all the way out to the Universal Hilton before 7pm. The freeway was kind to us and we made it to Hollywood at about 6:30, but from there it took us another 20 minutes to find the hotel and figure out where to park since it looked like everyone was just getting there to pickup their race number. When we finally got in, and went to pick up our race shirts it sounded like the whole day for them as there were two shirts, but people grabbing the wrong one (there was a halfathon, 10/5k). We didn’t stay long since we parked at the amphitheater parking lot.

    Race morning was ok, as we were originally going to stay at Roland’s since he lived down the block, but when i found out or race time was at 8am, i figured we might as well sleep in our own beds. The race started ok, but when we reached the water station it was just a palette of one gallon water jugs, and no one there to pass them out. People eventually just tore into the boxes and poured themselves their own dixie cups of water. I hope that the Halfathon people had better service. The other strange thing was that the Halfathon, 10/5k basically were 3 different courses and the event coordinators probably didn’t have enough volunteers.

    [nggallery id=16]

    At least the free shirt was a good one, and i was able to finish the race with a time of 29:39.5, while Joy finished at 30:23.7 without running for the pass three weeks.


    For breakfast we picked up Roland and headed to the Griddle for a feast of breakfast foods. We did go a little overboard but its such a pain to get to that we basically just ordered anything that looked good. We ended up getting the Raspberry and Lemon pancakes, Eggs Benedict served over potato skins, and the French Toast.

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    Songkran Beer Tower

    To be honest, i had no idea that it was Thai New Years until Roland texted me the day before asking me if i was going to Hollywood to celebrate. Thankfully i didn’t have any plans for what i like to call Meats on a stick day. To get the party started Saturday night Joy and I went to Scoops Westside for some ice cream and we actually got the Durian Yuzu ice cream, along with a scoop of Cinnamon Mocha. I probably should like durian as i remember eating this gummy paste durian all the time and its really not that bad once you get used to the smell.

    Joy and I took our time getting out the door in the morning so we didn’t get out until about noon which made finding parking a pain, so we ended up parking at Hollywood & Highland and taking the metro red line down to the festival. We strolled around and picked up some food while we waited for our friends to show up. Roland was the first to show up and he was meeting up some of his martial arts friends to watch the Muay Thai fights but they took forever to start and so i finally found some to share a Singha Beer Tower with.

    The beer tower holds between 6-8 beers and is actually not as a good of a deal if you just buy the beers individually, but the fun factor of getting one is worth the tax. Between the three of us we finished it off quite easily, but that was just a warm up as Joy’s friends arrived shortly after. We ended up drinking another 3 beers with them, and by then i had gotten too much sun, and too much fun and the rest of the night was not pleasant. I did eventually make it to dinner, but needless to say i didn’t make it out to my Sunday night league game.

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    Golfing down the river again

    The one thing i like about foursquare that it’ll notify you when you haven’t been to a certain place for a long period of time so it was interesting to see that its been a year since the last time i played at Riverview in Santa Ana. CJ my basketball teammate is an avid golfer and we’ve been trying for a few weekends now to meet up for a round and finally got together this weekend.

    Along with our other teammate Steve we went out on course for a 9:15 tee time with gray skies, but thankfully not much wind. I started off the day well with a couple bogeys and pars but carded a 10 on a par four. At the turn i grabbed a hotdog and beer, and after the 10th hole i accidentally bought two more beers (i really only wanted one more). By the 16th hole i was feeling the beers and my peripheral visions started shrinking. Depending on how i scored the 18th hole i either got a 99 or 101. I still think it was a good day as my drives and putts were true, but my iron game was suspect.

  • Disneyland

    ElecTRONica with Friends

    ElecTRONica is ending on April 15 to make room for the Mad Tea Party so it was imperative that we had to go this past Friday to make sure that we didn’t miss it. We got Andy, Jen, Shane and Joann to come along since they all have passes too and it was fun going with people who knew the park just as well as we do, since Andy used to work there as well.

    ElecTRONica is pretty interested as its basically suppose to mimic the club scene from TRON Legacy with lots of music, dancers and even glowing alcoholic drinks. It really made me want to go clubbing again. There’s also a Flynn Arcade with a bunch of 80s video games and of course is well done, and a theater where you can watch an 8 minute clip of the movie in 3D.

    The park was super crowded with Spring Break going on which made all rides over an hour wait, and fast passes being sold out. We ended going back to Disneyland to get a funnel cake and actually had a pretty good view of Fantasmic while we ate.

    We didn’t really have dinner so we all drove a couple miles west to Choy’s Chinese Restaurant for a late night snack of Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mongolian Beef, and Pan Fried Noodles. I had was so worn out from the day and the food that i actually had to pull over half way home and have joy drive the rest of the way. Nothing like some greasy chinese food finish off the night.