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    Kindle Fire

    I’ve been pretty late on the tablet bandwagon and after seeing nina’s Kindle Fire i thought it was time that i get one. As much as i probably would have preferred the iPad, i really couldn’t justify spending $500, especially since i found the Fire on craigslist for only $150 in perfect condition.

    Overall as expected the Kindle Fire is not as visually nice or responsive as the iPad but for the price i can get over it. I do actually prefer the size and rubberized backing to the larger and metallic body of the iPad. Joy has been watching her Korean soaps on Netflix on it, while i use it mainly to read. At first i would get a little cross eyed, or misplaced by the scrolling of the pages but i’ve gotten used to it and and actually enjoy not worrying about creasing the pages. I’ve been really tempted to buying a few books that i already own a hard copy of but have held back and bought a few cheaper books and also uploaded a few books that i’ve gotten from friends. I’m interested to see if i would find it useful while traveling but for the time being its doing quite well on my night stand.

    I was actually waiting for the iPad 3 to come out in the spring but once again i’ve been underwhelmed by the updates given to Apple’s newest tablet. Apple should have just called it the 2S because the only additions are just upgrades to existing technology. The faster processor, and brighter screen make their “Revolutionary” ad campaign feel two years old already. The only good news is that it may just make me get the iPad 2 since at $100 less it seems like a better deal.

  • Disneyland

    Anniversary at Steakhouse 55

    For our 3rd Anniversary Dinner, Joy made rsvp at Steakhouse 55 located at the Disneyland Hotel. We figured we might as well use the most of our annual passes and eat fancy with our discount. Its a very cozy dining room with lots of table stacked right next to each other.

    Dinner was a delicious meal of crab cakes and onion soup to start with and fresh sourdough bread made fresh at Boudin Bakery in the park.

    We Split the 18oz Ribeye with the Steakhouse 55 seasoning cooked to medium rare. As a side we got  the Chef’s Potato Stack Au Gratin which was thick, creamy and awesome.

    We also ordered a bottle of their finest cheapest wine and finished it off. The best part was that we could walk it off in the park, and got a churro for dessert.

    Full Menu.

  • Disneyland

    Mouseketeers for a year

    I can’t  believe that my three year wedding anniversary is this Tuesday and to celebrate we once again bought annual passes to Disneyland, but not any ordinary pass, but the premium pass (more about the price at the bottom). We were planning to go on Sunday to pick up the passes, but since we were in the area on Friday night we figured that we could just get the pass that night and not have to deal with it on Sunday.

    Even though it was getting late, we managed to squeeze in a few rides before going home, and tried out the new Star Tours 3D. It was cool to see that they’ve updated the queue with all sorts of new videos, robots, and decorations. The ride itself has 54 different variations so it’ll take a while to see them all, but i thought the 3D was unnecessary.

    Sunday we work up late and took our time getting down to Anaheim, and boy was it busy and hot. The day before there was bomb scare but it just happened to be a badly placed geocaching item. We were planning on having brunch at Cafe Orleans for a Monte Cristo but they didn’t open until much later than expected so we tried the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

    Afterwards we walked off the food, and made our way to Haunted Mansion, Finding Nemo before heading over to California Adventures. We wanted to check out the Little Mermaid ride and see what was going on with Cars Land. Which by all accounts looks pretty awesome. The rides look fun, and the amount of detail going into the whole section of the park looks well done.

    Since Disney implemented a monthly payment plan it seemed like a good way to space out the $500 ticket since they don’t charge any fees or interest rates. Its $80 down, and $35 a month along with another $35 last payment. Considering that if also get free parking it makes it worth it for Joy and I since we’ll need the flexibility to go anytime, and be able to go during the Christmas holidays when its especially fun to hand out at. I even created a spreadsheet to calculate savings/spending per visit.

    I’m glad that they still had all our information from when we bought annual passes during the free birthday year so there was very little paper work, and i didn’t even need to take another picture.

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    Las Vegas Check List

    I used this free trip to Las Vegas as a good chance to do somethings that i’ve never get a chance to do for one reason or other on previous trips. Since we got our rooms for free I figured it was a good time to shift that monies to a nice dinner for Joy’s 32nd Birthday at Le Cirque. The place as super fancy and it was fun, but there probably wont be a follow up meal anytime soon.

    Vegas during the day is typically spent gambling, drinking, pool time, shopping or sleeping, but i’m always up during the day, and found the Pinball Hall of Fame years ago, and finally dragged Ben and Tiffany to go along with us to this warehouse of pinball machines. Its in a non-desrcript building with a sign that looks like its been spray painted on.  It brought back lots of memories from the days of Timeout, and it was actually a pretty cheap hour spent there, with me basically spending $5 on machines from all the decades.

    In the evening we got show tickets to see the Jabbawockeez at the Monte Carlo. The show was fun, and i barely made it through all the way without nodding off, but half way through the show i was waiting for an intermission so that i could use the bathroom, but it never came, so i stayed up the whole time holding it in.

    As a finale we took Ben to the Market Cafe so that he could feast upon the Ox Tail Soup, and do some cheap gambling in downtown Vegas.