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    Las Vegas Follow Up

    As part of the Las Vegas Invitational the hotel group throw a dinner banquet in February and gives free rooms to who ever stayed during the tournament. This happened to be perfect timing with Joy’s Birthday during the same week.

    We reserved our rooms a bit late so we ended up staying at the Main Street Station which is a pretty old hotel, and even the elevator banks looks like it could be from CA The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The dinner banquet was held back at the California Hotel with a buffet spread of california rolls, char siu, egg rolls, and some fried chicken. The fun part was that they also had a beer tap, and a table full of jello shots. That was certainly a surprise and it was funny doing shots with my teammates that i haven’t seen since September.

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    Pop Up

    Tiffany had been mentioning a new popup restaurant on Abbot Kinney called Wolf in Sheeps Clothing. It was a fun new experience of a chef who takes over someone else’s kitchen for a short period of time that can be just a few days or a few weeks. The place was super busy and a bit unorganized since we were basically done with our main courses and an additional quail got dropped at our table and we honestly tried to tell someone that it wasn’t ours, but sat on our table long enough that who ever it was, probably wouldn’t want it at this point.

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    All Around Town

    Billy was in town for another one of his teaching seminars so Joy and I took him out to dinner, dinner, and even more dinner. Jonathan came along to enjoy a night out without the kids, and i figured he could relate to Billy since it was his first night out without his newborn twins.

    We didn’t have any hard plans but we started out in Little Tokyo for some happy hour food and pitchers of beer at Oiwake. After our bellies were warmed up with went to The Spice Table for some craft beers and fried cauliflower. In between beers 1 and 2 there we somehow came up with the idea to go get some Thai food, so Joy drove us out to Thai Town for some spicy soups, fried pork, and something else i can’t remember at the time.

    Finally after that meal we dropped off Billy back at his hotel so he could get some sleep before his class in the morning, while we made one more stop to finish up the night. We originally planned to go to seven grand but there was a line to get in so we walked over to the golden gopher for a whiskey sour. Walking out Jonathan had to have a bacon wrapped hot dog, and it was funny watching the ladies cook because it looked like they were on the look out for cops and something, constantly moving the grill from place to place.

    It wasn’t a pleasant next morning for me personally, and i hope that Billy made it through his class ok.