Its been a rough first season with the Cougars in my first basketball league. We’ve gone 0-7 before this past week’s game against Mixed Plate (not the same as my LVI team) and it was good to leave on a good note. The team is half returning players and half new players so i figured that this season was a getting to know each other’s game.

League play is so much more different from pick-up basketball with every possession played super intense and each shot so important. Each half is only 20 minutes but after the game I feel more worn down than two hours my Monday night Narbonne games. Every loose ball is sprinted towards, defense is played right up in the face of your opponent and learning to play the different types of zone defenses has been challenging but fun. I think i’ll have a much better appreciation of the college game now, now that i know what they’re trying to do. Its also interesting playing against other people that can really shoot the lights out if you give them an inch of space. I’m wishing our team does well in the following two weeks when i’m off on vacation.