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    The Cougars win a game

    Its been a rough first season with the Cougars in my first basketball league. We’ve gone 0-7 before this past week’s game against Mixed Plate (not the same as my LVI team) and it was good to leave on a good note. The team is half returning players and half new players so i figured that this season was a getting to know each other’s game.

    League play is so much more different from pick-up basketball with every possession played super intense and each shot so important. Each half is only 20 minutes but after the game I feel more worn down than two hours my Monday night Narbonne games. Every loose ball is sprinted towards, defense is played right up in the face of your opponent and learning to play the different types of zone defenses has been challenging but fun. I think i’ll have a much better appreciation of the college game now, now that i know what they’re trying to do. Its also interesting playing against other people that can really shoot the lights out if you give them an inch of space. I’m wishing our team does well in the following two weeks when i’m off on vacation.


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    Singapore Sidetrip

    With so much uncertainty with floods that are affecting Thailand, the one part of the trip that i knew that i could deal with was our side trip to Singapore. While i can wait on booking our island escape to Phuket until we actually reach Thailand, i didn’t see any benefit of waiting on booking flights and hotels to the city state of Singapore.

    After much research on hotels.com cross referenced with reviews from traveladvisor.com it became apparent that it was going to be the expensive part of our vacation. Rooms of at least 3/4 star ratings average around $150 and anything slightly nicer will be well above $200. So instead even though the ratings aren’t super high on Trip Advisor we came to the conclusion that we would get the best bang for our buck by using our Cash and SPG points to get the Sheraton Towers for $60/night.

    As for the flights i booked on Asia Air and was pretty giddy that i actually a departure ticket for under $20 each, and flights back for around $60 each. Too bad that they just keep adding on fees here and there, even for picking your seat for $2. Eventually after everything was added on with taxes and fees each round trip ticket ended up being $150.

    At least i can look forward to stuffing my face with plates and plates of Hainan Chicken, Chili Crab, and other various spices and flavors from the hawker stalls just like Anthony Bourdain. I know i tend to focus on the food, but from what everyone i talked to about Singapore, thats basically all you do, everyday, all day.

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    Say Uncle

    Saturday afternoon the Wangs celebrated Noah’s 4th birthday that was full of Angry Birds. I happened to know this, so when i was at the mall buying him some birthday socks (which i’m going to be doing from now on for everyone) i found a mini black angry bird which i added to his Nordstroms bag of socks (also another permanent gift giving tradition).

    Considering that i’m going to be a real uncle next year, i figured it was time to really put in some times with the rug rats and since most of my friends have one or two it was a good introduction to dealing with a bunch of four year olds. I spent a good 30-40 minutes keeping Christian, Alexis and her brother Ryan entertained. I must have done a good job because none of the parents came looking for us or checked in to see if they were still alive.

    I started off with joining them in the bounce house where i basically just jumped really high and playingly chased them around in circles. We did this for a while until the gas generator ran out of gas i had to get them all out before it all came crashing down on them. It was pretty surprising how much fun they had helping deflate the castle and all i had to do was make sure they did jump on the area that was on the cement.

    Next up was something i had no idea kids now a days learn. They wanted to play zombie which is basically like tag, but i only have to walk to get them (best game ever for an adult). Had a couple tears out of the boys from getting hurt, not nothing too big which they got over pretty quickly (thankfully).

    The rest of the party included a taco lady serving up beef and chicken tacos, and i guess she made pork tacos at the end but didn’t get to personally. Janelle also ordered the ice cream man to come so everyone got some ice cream for dessert after the tacos. Too bad he was such an asshole that it seemed to lower everyone’s mood. Basically he was on the clock and gave everyone attitude, unlike your normal friendly ice cream man. He just kept saying time is money.