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    Double Dog Dare You


    Nina came down for the weekend for a bachelorette party for friend and invited us to crash the party at BLVD3. Joy and I didn’t have any plans so we called up Roland and walked on over from his apartment. When we got there most of the girls were ready to pass out so the welcomed us to finish the alcohol since most were done drinking. It was an all day event for some of them so i guess it was good that we brought a little more energy to the party.

    After all the dancing had been done and the limo picked up the girls it was time for hot dogs. Papaya King hailing from New York opened just a month ago and its open late so it had to be the place to try after the club. We walked about 4 blocks over and ordered a few Side on Top which is a hot dog with chili and cheese AND curly fries, along with that we ordered a kinish (a grilled mashed potato thing) and Joy checked in via Facebook and got a free order of fries which we promptly upgraded to chili cheese fries. I’ve never been a huge fan of NY hot dogs, and these didn’t do anything to change my opinion. Do not get the kinish because it was just like biting a baked potato that needed some toppings of sour cream and chives or something.

    After we were done with that we walked back to Roland’s apartment and those two decided that Papaya King didn’t satisfy their hunger so we also grabbed a few Danger Dogs. Those dogs did it for everyone, and i think everyone staggered home with a big smile on our faces.

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    Shane and his Woman


    Its been a while since i’ve been in a wedding, and i remember why sometimes i don’t mind being part of the fun. Shane’s wedding was a one of kind of event that was literally thrown together in the last minute. While his bride joann took care of all the invitations, and decorations there were many things on Shane’s end left until the end. During the wedding rehearsal dinner on Friday we learned that he’s spent the last night building his own photo booth and cooking up chicken for the reception.

    The day of Ben and I headed down in the morning to haul all sorts of things to the wedding location, only to arrive and find out that half the power of the building is out and the staff have no idea when the all the power will be back on. There was nothing we could really do but say a little prayer and get to work.

    The wedding went smoothly and even though the power never fully turned on the staff was quick about finding some power generators to power a few the DJ equipment and lighting. Alcohol wasn’t technically allowed, but of course we all found a way to sneak in a little to share me of course with a flask of jameson, and coffee mug of vodka. So we enjoyed ourselves in the homemade photobooth and it was fun catching up with some friends that i haven’t seen in a few months.

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    and Dirk and the Losers Win.

    The end of the NBA season has finally finished and it ends up crowning 12 brand new champions. THe big German Dirk Nowitzki took home the Finals MVP and his team that consisted of players, and franchise that had 0 titles combined took home the trophy.

    The Dallas Mavericks finished off the unexpected championship against the Miami Heat last night and i couldn’t be more un-opinionated about who won. I couldn’t really cheer on any team but i did cheer on Dirk and Wade which made me root for both teams at the same time.

    Prediction follow up:

    2010-2011 NBA Predictions

    Most Valuable Player: Kevin Durant (Fail)

    Defensive Player of the Year: Joakim Noah (Fail)

    6th Man: Antawn Jamison (Fail)

    Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin (still considered a rookie) (Win)

    Coach of the Year: Jerry Sloan (Fail)

    General Manager of the Year: Pat Riley (Win)

    Western Conference Champions: Los Angeles Lakers (Fail)

    Eastern Conference Champions: Boston Celtics (Fail)

    NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers (Fail)

    Prop Bets

    LeBron and Wade will both score at least 30 in a game, and lose. (Fail)

    Kobe will only play in 65 games. (Fail)

    Deron Williams will lead the league in assists. (Fail)

    Durant will repeat as scoring champ. (Win)

    Kidd and Nash will have retirement rumors by the end of the year. (Fail)

    Clippers will have more wins than the Bucks. (Fail)

    Gilbert Arenas, Carmelo, and Richard Hamilton get traded mid-season. (2/3 Win)

    Suns and Blazers don€™t make the playoffs. (1/2 Win)

    Miami gets beat in the second round of the playoffs against the Magic. (Fail)

    Looks like i went 6/21. Not a very good season for bets, but thankfully i didn’t put any money down on it. Hopefully there wont be a Lock Out next season and i can hope to improve my record.

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    The Swarm Continues

    Blizzard has announced the 2nd part of the StarCraft II Trilogy named Heart of the Swarm. The game has Kerrigan on the rampage again traversing across the universe battling the other races but with a slight tweak to the gameplay where you get to pick and choose what evolutionary path that you’re zerg monsters become. Although i’ve never played it, it sounds a lot like Spore, but with a lot more fangs. Looks like fun since i am a primary Zerg player. Release date has yet to be announced but i’m sure it’ll be here right on time for Fall when school gets back into session and plenty of kids in the dorm to buy it.

  • Artsy Fartsy

    Star Wars in Concert

    Last year some time i saw a commercial for a Star Wars concert that i immediately knew that i needed to see it. The music still can give me the chills and hearing with a live orchestra had to be awesome. So when i saw tickets go on sale at the Hollywood Bowl i jumped on it, even if it was way in the back in the nose bleed seats.

    Since it wasn’t a Hollywood Bowl event, outside alcohol was not allowed, but learning from my sister i knew i had an easier chance sneaking it in if it was in a box form. At the security check the guard was groping the boxes while in my backpack that got me sweating but when he waved us on through i had a big smile knowing i just saved myself $30 worth of more bad alcohol. As for food we stopped by this small Hawaiian Cafe in Gardena and picked up some Hawaiian Fried Chicken and Pan Fried Saimin. So we enjoyed our food and wine while the show to start.

    I always seem to run into somebody i know at the Hollywood Bowl and this time was no different when i looked back and saw Crystal and Matt looking right back at me. They were a little more slick and actually got a whole bottle of wine in for the show too. We hung out during the intermission and afterwards and it was nice to have some other people to reminisce about the show afterwards with.

    The show itself was awesome and gave me chills when the Imperial March song came on. Anthony Daniels (C3P0) was the narrater and introduced each part of the performance.  The show was broken up basically as a song per character in the movies and they projected montages of the movie on a large screen behind the orchestra and at times on top of the entire building which really seem to engulf the entire arena. For an encore the man John Williams came out and orchestrated one last song. It was a great way to finish off the show.