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    unluxo Luxor

    Here we are back again in Las Vegas for another weekend of fun, partying, and gambling. This time around we went with Joy’s co-workers which was interesting to me since i’ve never met any of them before, and only know them from stories that Joy tells me after work. They happened to be all nurse, very loud and fun. I met all their significant others were nice guys too and thankfully we all got along, and i’m sure the alcohol helped.

    We were all staying at the Luxor and made the most of the hotel with a nice coupon book that they gave us at check-in. The first night we ate at the pyramid cafe, and danced the night away at Cat House.

    On Saturday Joy and I of course woke up in time for brunch at Bouchon for an order of donuts and chicken and waffles. We then went out shopping because i needed to buy some black slacks for Shane’s wedding next month. We went looking for a H&M and found the hugest store i’ve ever seen. Its three stories high, with a huge display that makes use of all three stories.

    After a little shopping, a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity 3, a $1 margarita we went to the pool to layout and do some reading. For dinner we went to Burger Bar in the walkway in between Luxor and Mandalay. We finished our night at Tao back at the Venetian, but everyone was so tired from the night before we didn’t stay out too long. I did win $20 playing penny slots while the girls used the bathroom, so at least i made money for the cab ride home.

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    Guys Night Out – OC Style

    With two 2nd Fridays happening in LA, it was time for the OC to show what its got. TBang took the reigns and planned the nights events. It was the biggest gathering of them all with all six of us. We started and basically ended the night at Wako Honey Pig in Buena Park. Its the most interesting Korean BBQ grill i’ve ever seen. The bottom portion is lined with kimchi and bean sprouts while you cook the meat on the top portion of the grill. As the meat cooks it drains through the vegis and makes them even more delicious. Once you’re done with the meat, they’ll throw on some fried rice on top of it as the finishing off the meal. The meal was also accompanied with plenty of soju, and Hite Beer. Good times again.

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    Pre Mother’s Day Day


    The plan for mother’s day was to celebrate it on Saturday night but it turned out to be an all day event of spending time with my mom. Joy had to bring her car to get a tune up at our mechanic in Cerritos in the morning so we dropped it off and had my mother pick us up. It was early still so I called in an order to Denny’s and picked up some Starbucks before picking up the food. We brought it back to the house and all ate breakfast around the kitchen table.


    Afterwards we went to the Cerritos Farmers Market to pick up some vegis and fruits, but no flowers for the mother. The parents went off to meet up with their friends so Joy and i went to the Acura dealership to test drive the RDX and TSX and i left just as annoyed by the car salesman as ever, but we decided that the next car we get will be an ’09 TSX. I wanted to like the RDX but i didn’t like how it drove.

    After the car was being updated we picked it up, got my parents and went to Costco to rotate the tires. We ate lunch of hotdogs and pizza while we waited for the car. I let my mom pick out her own bouquet of roses while shopping for $16 which makes it easier. For dinner we had RSVP at Matsu in Huntington Beach which Joy picked out. I loved it. It was a classic Japanese Restaurant straight out of the 80s. The decor had lots of curtains, waitresses in Kimonos, and food served in huge boats that took up the whole table. It really did bring me back with the combo of teriyaki beef, chicken, salmon, tempura and california roll. Literally the boat for 2 could have fed at least 6 of us alone, but adding sushi and appetizers too we had plenty to take home.

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    Something Borrowed and not Returned

    What was called a “Girls’ Night Out” found me surrounded by maybe a hundred women for a sneak preview of the new movie Something Borrowed. Joy had read the whole series last year, and would end up crying during parts of the book and got really excited to learn that was a movie being made from it. She found a sweepstakes in a Health Magazine a few months ago and got tickets to an event being held at Rave 18 at the Howard Hughes in Culver City.

    I thought she was going to find another girl to go with, but i ended up having to go. I didn’t really mind going, but it was funny being one of maybe 6 guys there. I can’t complain because i got a free beer, a workout towel, some packets of Seattle’s Best Coffee and some gummy vitamins.

    The movie itself wasn’t as girly and it could’ve been, and i thought that John Krasinski, and Kate Hudson made the movie enjoyable to watch as the supporting cast. While there were just enough humor to get through the obviously frustrating/awkward parts of the movie.

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    Mt. Bachelor

    This was the a bachelor party like none other that i’ve been to. I had originally planned to take Shane up to Mammoth with Ben as a sort of a congrats for his future nuptials, but turned out to be his bachelor party in the end. Since he’s not a big drinker, partier, and strip clubs, it was only natural to do something physical instead. Thanks to the large storms in the winter and the unusual spring snow storms there was plenty of the white stuff still in Mammoth.

    In total seven of us loaded up in a Sienna minivan that i rented from Alamo, and drove up Friday night after dinner at Sweetie Thai in Cerritos. We were met with a freeway closure on the 14 where we almost got to see a helicopter land on the freeway, and made a pit stop at In ‘n Out and eventually got to our cabin at 3 in the morning. It was freezing with temperature in the teens at night and mid 30s in the afternoon. We took a few shots, beers and went to sleep at 5am. Three hours later we woke up and had a great day of boarding on perfect spring conditions. Sunday we woke up a little later and got a few good hours in before leaving the mountain and headed home. Of course we stopped by Erick Schat’s Bakery in Bishop and finally got back into LA at 8.

    I got a lot of flack for not bringing a camera, but hey i planned the whole trip so i just didn’t want to be bothered with it. Ben did bring his camera so there are some pictures, but just hasn’t uploaded yet. The trip was fast and fun, and definitely different from a vegas trip with the guys. Just one more month of bachelorhood and he had a great time with the guys.

    View Ben’s photos here.