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    The Return of Kobe Bryant

    The Lakers are in the playoffs, and thats no big surprise. The surprise has been that they were matched up with the number 7 New Orleans Hornets, who are missing their best scorer (David West) they’re best point guard had been hurt for most of the season (Chris Paul) and they have a team full of at best, first guys off the bench. Somehow though they managed to take game 1, and game 4, much the chagrin of the Laker faithful. I’ve personally been indifferent to the series so far, but i don’t know if i’m just not worried about the Hornets, or that i’m just waiting to they get…

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    Less than Easter Weekend

    I miss the days when i was a faux-christian, doing the whole easter egg hunt and what not. Now its just any typically weekend, meaning helping a friend move and being treated to mass amounts of meat at the all you can eat Gyu-Kaku in Huntington Beach, and hanging out on Sunday with Joy’s family eating mass amounts of Sushi. We did go to the Natural History Museum on Saturday night for some movie premiere but it was pretty boring so we ended up going for dessert at Susina Bakery in LA for some cake and tea. Still, i like MILK more.

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    On Course

    Joy has lots of studying to do for her licensing exam, so Sunday morning i had some free time to do what i wanted. I made plans to play my first round of golf of the year with Brock at River View in Santa Ana. We started our round at 7am, and made quick work of the ever changing course. The long game was great, and while getting to the greens came pretty easy, getting it in the hole from there was the issue. It wasn’t that i was leaving them short, they just weren’t falling in. I ended up going 20 over par for the round, stopped concentrating at…

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    Thirty Two

    Thursday was Ben’s birthday and of course he doesn’t let anyone know whats going on until the day of, and even then its not a for sure thing. The plan was that he was going to get off work at 7 and be at Father’s Office by 7:30pm, so of course Joy and I get there at 7:30 and order our food. Everyone else finally arrives at 8:00pm but i guess it was better for us personally because our food came out super fast and we were able to eat without really have to interact with anyone while chewing food. At 9:30pm we rushed over to Scoops’ new location on…

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    Still plenty to party about

    Its good to know that i can still pull through staying up late two nights in a row if necessary. Saturday night we went out to Busby’s in LA to celebrate May’s 30th birthday. The girls sure got their dancing on while i played coat check for the night, but it was fine by me. We closed the place down, but i ended up losing our car’s remote so we had to call AAA to get the keys which were still inside. Thankfully the keys were able to turn off the alarm so we thanked the driver and we headed home. We stopped by Taco Bell for some nachos, a…

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    Guys night out

    With work, marriage and now kids for many of the college friends, its been necessary to setup a monthly meet up on every second friday for foods and drink. This month’s venture was for some really spicy ramen in Little Tokyo. I actually don’t even remember what it tastes like, but it was fun at least. Afterwards we headed to down downstairs at Izakaya Fu-ga for some Japanese whiskey. We enjoyed a glass of their Yamazki 12, and the Hibiki 12, drank some beers and i know they enjoyed their time away from the kids. At least i find it interesting listening to them compare their kids behavior and parenting…

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    Top Chef … Masters?

    BravoTV has for years now done a really good job about leading one of their shows into another. They’ve found a formula of finishing one show while starting its spin off on the very next week to keep viewers on their station. There is probably nothing worse than getting really involved with a show, and then having the season end and you’re left with a big whole in your schedule that you know be filled until months later. While the Real House Wives series can basically just pick a new city to pick some woman to shoot, the Top Chef series really has to do its homework and figure out…

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    Hollywood Thai New Years

    It was Thai New Years, and again i only found out because my dad asked if i was going. Joy put an all out alert to friends and family, and we had a good time eating and hanging out all afternoon. We ended up hanging out with Emily and Thao in the morning, then May and Tony in the afternoon and with Vicky and her kids towards the end of it. We all gorged ourselves and everyone got a little of our favorites. I constantly saw my parents walking back and forth while we sat and ate, and of course my dad got a picture of us hanging out. It…