Baby’s got some brand new shoes.

Winter has ended and even if it still may be snowing i’ve declared that its time to get ready for spring. After doing the 5K in the morning, Joy and i drove up to Santa Monica so that i could get a hair cut, and do a little shopping. Its be high time that i did another wardrobe update and went looking for some real leather shoes. I know it might be out of place, but i realize that my vans just wont get me everywhere. I got some advice from Joy’s fashionable Jeremy who said i should check out Aldo and Urban Outfitters with a few instructions of do’s and don’ts. Surprisingly the shoes were much more comfortable than i expected even if they had like a one inch heel on them  and cheaper than i expected (< $100). Still it doesn’t mean that i wont turn down a brand new pair of vans, especially when they’re on sale for $20.

The finishing touch for the 2011 me, was a haircut to chop off the winter helmet. The hair had gotten down to the chin, and was just getting too much to deal with so it had to go. I went back to my favorite barber Floyd’s 99 in West LA across the street from my first apartment. I got a little nostalgic considering this was the place that i got my first faux-hawk, mohawk, emo which all defined a different era in my life. I don’t know what to call this cut, but it was something out of their style look book. The picture doesn’t quite do it justice since i still don’t know how to quite style it myself but you get the idea.


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