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    Birthday Lunch

    Sunday after cleaning up the house and rearranging our storage unit we drove down to take my old friend Shane out for lunch for his birthday (2/28). We went to Huntington Beach’s Las Barcas for lots ‘o Mexican food and hung out for a few hours. He’s getting married in June, and has lots of exciting things going on in his after school program as he’s moved into teaching kids about physics using legos. His first class is about catapults and trebuchets and teaching kids how they work and why they work, and let them fling legos across the room. Now where was this class when i was growing up?

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    Just another wedding

    Now that we enter our thirties the amount of weddings are starting to wind down. With that the desire to get all crazy at weddings is also starting to disappear. Saturday was Joy’s college roommate’s wedding out in Glendale, and as we were driving up, Joy said, no shots for me tonight, and i was very proud that she was able to say no at the reception. I found it nice that Joy was not in the wedding party so we didn’t have to stress about the day and were able to do as we pleased for the day. I felt bad for the couple as their DJ wound up in the hospital and had to send in a substitute to fill in. He was ill prepared and there were a lot of gaps and sound issues throughout the dinner. We stayed till almost the end but were pretty tired and ended up getting home by 11. The interesting thing though is that there was a celebrity sighting at the wedding that you might find in the picture below.

    In the very back its Jennie Kwan from California Dreams tv show of the 90s. We never talked to her, but at least it was funny to talk about amongst the table.