Before i even got started i’m out of the running to win the The All VETO n NO TRADE League. On the Thursday night game, my opponent had both Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson playing which put me down 50 points even before any of my players took the field. It was a great season none the less considering that what ever happens this weekend for 3rd place will be my best finish in five years.

I had a very strange season relying on mainly wide receivers (Andre Johnson, Miles Austin, Jeremy Maclin, Malcom Floyd, and Mike Williams (TB)) and as expected gave me very lopsided scores one way or another. I came away with the 3rd most total points but still entered the playoffs in 6th place with a record below .500 at 6-7.  The other strange this that happened that my weeks went in a perfect pattern: L W L W L W L W L W L W L … and my playoffs W L, and what i suspect will be a W this weekend even i don’t start any of my players.

I really was hoping for an extra large Christmas present from the league but i guess i’ll have to wait till next year to win it all again.