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    West Hollywood Morning

    Saturday night Joy and I headed to North Hollywood to hang out with her cousin’s and somehow we got into a conversation about the Griddle Cafe, and make plans on going there on Sunday morning at 8am right when it opens. Its been a long time since we’ve woken up early on the weekend, but its not surprising it was to eat. Good thing we did get there when it opened because 15 minutes and the place had a line out the door. Joy’s has been mentioning about going back to the Griddle since we lived in Santa Monica for the French press coffee, but i haven’t been a fan of their huge pancakes so its taken this long to go back. For food we ordered the banana pancakes, red velvet pancakes, nutella french toast, and some chicago omelette with sausage and bacon.

    While on the way to the restaurant we passed by a farmers market on Ivar and went after breakfast. Pretty typical farmers market produce but the gems are the food vendors. There was a specialty ice cream company Carmela that only sells at farmer’s market, and walked away with a container of salted caramel, but the lavender honey was tasty too. The other bonus was that there was a thai vendor selling kanom krok! It was awesome that it was served in a banana leaf and it was hot and crispy.

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    Growing Neighborhood

    Another addition to he CoC Family is coming out next month. Curtis and Jocelyn are expecting their first child (boy) in November and I wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to make it to the baby shower but just did getting to it by the end of the party. I don’t think they missed me because there were a lot of people there and lots of activities going on. I don’t necessarily feel any pressure to have a kid yet, but i would prefer to have a kid at the same time that one of my friends does, but at this rate most of my friends are already onto their second child so i’ll have to wait till Roland catches up, which if according to our plan of having a trip to Thailand and Europe before having a kid might actually have a chance.