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    After a few months off to give time for a few people to heal up, we had our 3rd Yelp Basketball meet up. This time around i actually got some one to come out and play as well, as Edward showed up, and showed up to play. We got in about 4 games before my body gave up on me, but two days later i’m still sore. The first few games i was able to run up and down the floor and make a few layups but at the end my legs (and knee) didn’t have it to finish strong to the basket, and i had to walk up on offense.

    I have to give it up for the gym, that even though the temperatures were climbing to the triple digits in East LA, the gym stayed cool, and well ventilated versus a few other gyms that i’ve played at in the heat. I also met another guy who lives in PV and plays in a monday and friday night open gym play in Harbor City, which would be pretty close for me to get to on some nights. It would feel good to have another regularly scheduled basketball meet up.

    Check out the rest of my badass moves here.

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    Hacking Away

    So there comes a time that when a person has to come to their senses and finally succumb to the great being known as the iPhone. At least i’m doing it on my own terms and not a two year lease on an invisible bandwidth. The other night while waiting in the theaters to watch Resident Evil 4, i saw a guy a few rows below playing Street Fighter on his iPhone and it looked really fun. I didn’t give it much thought until this weekend when i remembered that joy has her 1st gen sitting on the dressert that i thought i would try my hands of jailbreaking it and unlocking it.

    With a little help from Steve and a few hours by myself on Saturday i got the thing clear and free of at&t and got the thing connected to the t-mobile network and a host of places to download apps and install onto the phone. Of course i downloaded SF4, and it actually plays pretty decently with the virtual controls, but honestly i’ll still ended up using the Yahoo! fantasy football app the most. I figured that most of the time i’ll be within a wifi zone at either home or work, and what i do out in the real world i’ll handle on the edge network. I’m not giving up on my G1 quite yet, but this will be a good experiment in the mean time to see if i’d ever really pay for a new iPhone.

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    Work Stress

    For what seems like an eternity the work place has been working on a project for the past three months that was suppose to technically only take one month to complete. But due to the inablity to receive approvals, change in directions, unrealistic goals and a general lack of project management from their side the project has just become hell for office moral, and personal health of myself. Ever since i got back from work from our vacation in Hawaii i’ve been working 12-16 hours days, sometimes 6 days a week without any real time to recuperate my body is starting to fail. I can feel my blood pressure rise through my eyeballs, and just the other week walking up a hill actually made my shins hurt when i got back home. It hasn’t been received well at home either as i wasn’t able to have dinner with Joy and spend the quality time after work that we normally enjoy, but all i can say is that its almost over.

    Thankfully this week its been better, and i’ve been able to focus my attention on our other clients. Sometimes i get a bit overwhelmed since i did put myself in this position of dealing with accounting, h/r, and my normal billables, but its getting to be a bit much with this one hell of a project always at the back of my head. At least the coolhaus truck stop by across the street from our office so that I could get a roasted pear and nutmeg ice cream sandwich.

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    Another one bites the dust

    The wonderful weird world that we live in completely collided on friday when Joy’s friend Thao got married to Dinh, a guy that i once worked with six years ago. They threw a huge bash at Rancho Las Lomos with lots of flowers and lots of booze to match. The groom really broke down during his speech and the bride had tears flowing the entire time. By flowing i mean, they took a 3 foot tall center piece vase, cleaned it out and poured x amounts of beers to fill it up and passed it around to the bridal to drink on down. Suffice it to say that there were many drunk people all have a good time.

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    The drafts results are in

    This year i’m currently in 6 Fantasy Football leagues at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. The last draft occurred yesterday without me present, but its just a league that i’ve been playing with for probably the last 6 years, and i don’t really care about. A new league i was lucky enough to join this year is one of consisting of entirely food bloggers i’ve followed on Twitter.

    • http://twitter.com/ravenouscouple
    • http://twitter.com/gastronomyblog
    • http://twitter.com/KrisDub
    • http://twitter.com/kungfoodpanda
    • http://twitter.com/twohungrypandas
    • http://twitter.com/kitchenrunway
    • http://twitter.com/nomsnotbombs
    • http://twitter.com/TriceraPops
    • http://twitter.com/ChefAustinSzu
    • http://twitter.com/tsicecream
    • http://twitter.com/djjewelz

    We’ll see if they’re food cravings can match their football knowledge.

    More importantly entering its 7th season, the The All VETO n NO TRADE League which is the only league that i have money riding on, and one that i won in the first year, but have steadily declined since. I’m not sure if in the beginning the rest of the league didn’t know what they were doing, or i just was lucky enough the first time around. This year i decided to go against my typical strategy of drafting running backs and not looking back, and went a whole new direction.

    With the 8 of 12 pick of the draft i knew i was going to be left with questionable RB starters, the top QBs and WRs. I opted going all out with the WR since the league has 4 positions that you can start them in, and i really couldn’t tell you of the remaining RBs who would actually make it all the way through the seaosn either healthy or stay the starter. In the first round i went with the top WR in Andre Johnson, and on the way back took Miles Austin. With the 2 of the top 4 WRs i was pretty set in that position, i followed it up by taking  a bevy of draft position upside RBs in Jamaal Charles (32), Knowshon Moreno (56), Ricky Williams (89), Tim Hightower (104), with a few potential WRs in between Jeremy Maclin (65), Malcom Floyd (80). For my Quarterback i was determined to get one of the top 7 QBs and landed Matt Schaub in round 4. I was too sick of playing match ups last year, and was too often disappointed with the results.

    With both LA Baseball teams out of the playoffs, and most of my fantasy teams too far from the money, i can’t wait for the start of football season.

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    Inception explains it, or does it?

    I finally got to watch Inception on Saturday now that its been out in theaters for weeks. I made the one fatal mistake was to have a few drinks a couple hours before, and have a headache start to form throughout the movie. With so many characters and plot lines to follow it made my head spin even more. I was able to keep up, but when they started to explain how many level of dreams i was dreading the pain to follow. Thankfully i got out of the movie alive with plenty of story lines, and conclusions to debate about. It was really a great movie and i would highly recommend it, just try to be drunk or nauseous because the camera shots may not be the best when your brain is floating in alcohol.

    Even if the story may have been ripped off by a Ducktales comic strip, its pretty visually stunning and it should be seen in theaters. The craziest thing about the movie its finally something i can relate how i dream every single time i close my eyes. It doesn’t matter if its during a 8 hour night time slumber, or a 10 minute nap on the couch. Instantly once my eyes turn off, my brain turns on to worlds that don’t exist, but are oddly familiar. Typically it will usually involve events that have happened during the days, random thoughts floating in my head or other times it may be a dream about a dream that i’ve had in the past and not just the same dream, but another occurrence of the same dream. Most morning i wake up as tired as when i went to sleep, but the thoughts will be hone 5 minutes after my eyes open.

    Joy told me that i should write down my dreams, and keep a dream journal, but i’m afraid that i’ll be spending so much time reviewing what i’ve written trying to find the connections of the mind and the real world. Although after reading an article in Men’s Journal about Steve Nash doing the same thing, i might give it a second thought.