Annual COC Golf Tournament,  Golf

Champion of the CoC

The 7th annual CoC golf tournament was held this weekend at Indian Wells Celebrity golf course in Palm Springs. The tournament got off to a late start due to some bad directions and so we ended up starting an hour later and had to endure a few extra degrees of heat as the round went through the afternoon which hit triple digits. It was close throughout with no one having more than a 2 shot lead through out the round, although in the end it shouldn’t have been so close. I some how went into the 18th hole with a one shot lead over Roland and a two shot lead over Brian. With Roland going for the gold he popped his second, and thrid shot into the water and left be some breathing room, until i popped my third shot into the water. I ended up going into a putt off with Brian and came away with a victory.

The prize was a new 2 foot trophy that we’ll be passing from year to year, and a ice water bath by both Brock and Roland. I wasn’t really happy with my 97, and my complete failing at my first ever putt for eagle on a 240 yard par 4, but a win is a win and a trophy is trophy. Its my first new decoration to my new office.

The course played a little short, with only 2 par 5’s and 2 par 3’s. Playing from the white tees most greens were reachable without a long iron, but the holes varied enough with bunkers, water hazards and other elevation changes to keep in interesting.

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